Do people still blog or has blogging gone the way of the rotary phone?

Dec 27, 2019

Is blogging still a thing? My last blog post was in 2015... over four years ago. When I peruse my old faves its a similar situation. No new posts in years, though everyone seems to be active on instagram. I've been posting on that platform (@Quiet_K10) but it's not the same as blogging. I miss the writing part, something distinct from crafting the perfect 3 word caption complete with emoji and I miss reading what others have to say about the clothes they wear. There seems to be a homogeneous feel to Instagram, the platform keeps promoting accounts of professional content creators that look inter-changeable, not the types of accounts I actually follow!

So here I am, picking things up where I left off with the blog, a regular person with a 9-5 posting outfits. Lots has changed (I live in Toronto), I still like and wear vintage (to a lesser degree) and I still have strong opinions about clothing! I'll leave you with an outfit roundup from instagram, a snapshot of my personal style these days. Still a slightly hippie lace-ish but definitely different from four years ago. 

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