Getting back into shape after baby #2 (a post about running)

Jun 1, 2015

Something a little off topic today, but relevant because it's a big part of my life and takes up a lot of my time and energy. Long distance running is a sport I love and have done the majority of my adult life but not something I talk about often on the blog. With blogging it's easy to show only one tiny aspect of your life, but that doesn't always provide context so occasionally I like to try and share other things besides my obsession with kimonos, playsuits and gladiator sandals!

 Although I've been running consistently for most of my life I found with both pregnancies that it was painful to run after the 3 month mark, so I stopped. I tried to say active through walking, using the elliptical and yoga classes but my fitness levels definitely plummeted. With my first pregnancy I found it easy to loose the weight and get back into shape after the baby was born but this time has been completely different. I struggled to loose the weight I gained and now that I have two little ones there is no such thing as free time! Seriously, it simply does not exist anymore and I find it challenging to fit in regular exercise.

wearing: top, shorts

I knew it was important to incorporate fitness back into my life, to find the time, because I felt better physically and mentally while active. The key to sticking to a fitness routine is to do something you love, so naturally I chose running. I eased back into it, getting up earlier and earlier to go running in the morning. Ideally I'd be getting up around 5:30am and getting a run in before everyone wakes up but I'm not quite there yet.

When it comes to running I'm really picky about running gear, I know what I like and what I can't stand! I tend to stick to the same things; shorts, fitted tops and loose sweatshirts. Tavi recognizes when I'm going for a run (and asks to come running too) based on what I'm wearing - I guess I really do wear the same thing over and over again! 

I love running shorts, bonus if they have a zippered pocket for keys somewhere, and they have to be made of a light-weight, breathable material like Icebreaker's Cool-lite fabric. There is nothing worse than wearing something that doesn't wick away moisture during a long run. Nothing! I stick to form-fitting, breathable tank tops and tees with looser layers on top that are easy to unzip and tie around my waist during a run. I train with the philosophy that there's no stopping on race day so I don't stop to fuss with anything when training. 

Running combined with a barre fusion class and resistance training has helped me shed the majority of the weight I gained during pregnancy, and although I'm not the fittest person out there I feel pretty good! I use the Map my Run app to keep track of everything in one place which has helped, it's motivating to see your stats and progress over time.

I'm debating registering for a marathon this fall (this one to be exact). I've been building up my mileage since February and would be ready to train with a sub 3:30 training plan, the only thing I'm worried about is the time commitment and discipline that comes with training for a race. Summer is a busy time with lots of trips and things going that would conflict with training consistently. I gave myself to the end of June to decide if I will race this fall so I will keep you posted!

* this post was brought to you by icebreaker clothing

9 thoughts:

  1. It IS harder to lose weight after the second one, right? I find that I focus more on strength and endurance now, rather than a number on a scale or a clothing size (because some parts of me will never be the same, ha;) I have been running more (slow and steady!), and do a good amount of weight training, which I love. I feel better when I care for myself, and I look better in the long run. You look AMAZING!

  2. Whatever you are doing, it's working. You look amazing! I love running and have started running a lot more since we moved. That, plus yoga, pilates, and weight training have helped me get back into shape after having kids. But it was seriously so much harder after Ben. I am still trying to firm up, and he's almost 3!

  3. WOW!! Two kids and you fit in some fitness time, you're my inspiration..I love icebreaker's merino base layers. x

  4. You have such an incredible figure, it's better than mine and I haven't had any kids! When I get pregnant I'm going to look over all your old style posts, you're an inspiration!

    Tara x

  5. Wow - you look amazing!!! And a marathon in sub 3:30? That would be fantastic. You go girl!

  6. you look great!

    xx nikki

  7. ur lookin wonderful))) reading fitness post by mommy of 2 kids is sooo motivated!!)) i like that ur showing to ur children all pluses of sport by ur own example)) i wanna do the same when i'll be mom))

  8. Wow, I am so in awe of you after reading this post! Your commitment to fitness despite your busy schedule is nothing short of inspiring. I'm rooting for you - regardless of whether you continue on as a competitor, or just for yourself.

  9. I think it's awesome you are getting back to the sport you love with two kids! It must be difficult to combine. Working out daily needs to become a lifestyle. I need to work out 5 days a week else I feel incomplete, I just really need it! But well, easy talking for someone without kids!!

    So nice that you run, I wish I could but my knees hurt from long runs (running is pretty bad for the knees though). I prefer biking (stationary biking, maybe something for you? you don't have to go out, no need to look cute in a work-out-fit or to put make-up.. easy! ;P) and pilates.

    It'd be so awesome if you would participate in a race! Definately give it a shot! Wishing you all the best!


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