outfit: pink prints

Dec 11, 2014


 necklace Club Monaco
coat Vintage 
scarf & blouse J Crew
skirt Aritzia
cardigan Gap
hat Zara
tights (super warm) Forever 21
scarf Super Fresh Baby Knits
I'm not a huge fan of pink but, make an exception for this dusty rose shade. Something about it's soft, romantic vibe really appeals to me. Plus its a colour that matches just about everything so it gets a pass. Winter is most definitely here in Ottawa, but when the temperature hovers around zero a thick pair of tights is just as warm as a pair of jeans
This is my first outfit post since having Eden and I forgot how fun they are to do, despite the fact my laptop died and I had to post from our tablet. These photos are straight out of the camera, no editing (no editing software on the tablet), but luckily the light was good so no touch-ups were necessary.
I'm still trying to figure out how to get back into doing outfit posts regularly. It would be easier taking pictures inside, but the light in our place isn't great and I hate using the flash. We usually take pictures when we're out doing something, but with two under two we're usually crunched for time and pictures don't always happen. Not sure what I'm going to do going forward (ideas are welcomed!) but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

19 thoughts:

  1. Same problem over here! No time for outfit posts, bad light in our place during winter. Love these shoots!

    1. It doesn't help that it gets dark so early either, winter really is the worst season for style bloggers!

  2. so cool! love your sun glasses! I have a similar scarf ;)

  3. I am in awe - you look amazing and you haven't skipped a beat in the style department. Coordinating outfit photos is hard enough at the best of times - never mind when daylight hours are at a minimum these days.

  4. Outfit posts are so hard with little ones. Now that mine are a little older we just pop them in the car and try to get quick shot in on the weekends at the park or even sometimes an empty parking lot (churches usually have pretty grounds. Good luck, girl! You are looking great!

    Heidi D.

  5. I'm so glad you're back with an outfit post! Even if you can't do them as regularly, I think we all love to see them. You look so beautiful, love all your accessories!

    Tara x

  6. Hi!

    New follower, here. Love, love, love your blog! You are such a beautiful mama! :) I can't wait to continue following your journey. Your coat and hat/scarf here are perfection! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Love and light,
    Being Barlow

  7. Hmmmm, you could get a tripod and take the pictures in the day, with the car idling and the girls warm inside (right next to you, of course!) Find some pretty brink walls, and before you know it you have photos! P.S. YOU look awesome!

  8. love that yellow scarf!

    xx nikki

  9. Gosh you look amazing, did you just have a baby ;). All that snow on the ground and you are out without a jacket the weather must be nice.

    1. Ha ha it was warm for ottawa, 0 degrees but I was only without a coat for a couple of minutes! The things we do for style blogging ;)

  10. Dusty rose is your colour! i feel it goes well with your complexion : )

    hope youre Well!

  11. You look great as always! I love the outfit!

  12. omg wow! I love this whole look. especially those sunnies. the accessories give this so much personality. xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  13. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your cute little family! I hope the holidays were fun for you all and that everything is going smoothly with the new family member, I bet Tavi is such a good big sis! I hope the new year is lovely for all of you. :)

  14. Just popping by to wish you a very happy New Year. May 2015 be filled with love and laughter!

  15. Hey, Emmett is back!! I missed your posts! I didn't see this one on Bloglovin, guess there was a bug or something :P. Hope you are well! Of course it's hard to keep up with posting with two little ones, but hey, it's not about quantity, but quality. Always fully enjoying every single post!

    You look absolutely stunning as usual. A perfectly layered outfit as always, so so cute! The picture came out great!

    I'd say, when making pictures inside, turn on some extra light (one pointed at you) so you will not have to use flash. Like this you can create very romantic pictures. And if they are too dark, just add a curves layer in Photo Shop, very easy. If you need some help let me know, I'm basically a Photo Shop expert... have been using it over 10 years :).

    All the best wishes for 2015!


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