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Sep 7, 2014

(32 weeks)

After years of using the same phone with less and less functionality I finally admitted to myself that it was time to get a new one...because it stopped working. I replaced my old beloved iPhone with a newer model and what a difference having a functioning phone makes! 

Its so easy to grab your phone and snap a picture without losing the moment, and once again I find myself taking snapshots of all the little things; freezing memories that would otherwise end up fading with the passage of time. From recording the progress of my first garden (I'm happy to say only I only managed to kill one plant), to Tavi's constant changes, to Jay's contagious smile, I'm so happy to have the ability to record the small things that make up the whole of one's life. I hadn't realized until today just how much I missed taking photos.

A few pictures from this week:

my happy little girl/ivy in an antique drawer/green door goodness/a new lace jacket/who, me? face/a ripe tomato from our balcony garden

17 thoughts:

  1. These snapshots are adorable! The only reason for getting a smartphone for me would be to have something available to take snapshots too!

    1. They're great for other things too - I use the GPS all the time (I'm the worst with directions) and the calendar helps me keep of everything and stay on top of everyone's birthdays ;)

  2. oh! so pretty! that first pic is adorable! yay for a new phone!

  3. I'm a big photo taker too. I'm always snapping photos of everything. I had an old phone that stopped taking photos and I remember how relieved I was to get a new one.

  4. Your little one looks like a living doll, seriously! But I'm sure you are quite aware of that;)

  5. Such sweet photos! I'm always thankful for my iPhone when it comes to getting shots of the kiddos!

    Heidi D.

  6. Awww, Tavi is so beautiful and so is your bump!

    Tara x

  7. gorgeous photos!


  8. I have a veggie restaurant called Mead's Green Door Cafe local to me! I thought it was the same one for a minute. Those noodles look so great. It's a really great photo. Love your new jacket, too!

    - Christina

  9. Beautiful pictures! I was exactly the same, finally out of complete necessity I upgraded, and it was so great. The pictures are so easy and actually great quality. Lovely post!

  10. I love these so much! xoxo

  11. YAY for finally getting caught up with technology. Your new phone sure takes amazing pics.

  12. Tavi is so gorgeous, and I love the photos you took! Ever since I got my iPhone, I've found that I take many more pictures and capture things that I normally wouldn't. It's great with my fast-growing twins. :)


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