Style Spotlight: Kelli Murray and her Urban Bohemian Maternity Style

Sep 20, 2014

During her second pregnancy artist Kelli Murray has once again maintained her urban bohemian style, managing to look comfortable yet stylish in her signature way. With over-sized hats, long flowing dresses and a killer collection of ankle boots Kelli mixes maternity pieces with free-spirited ones to create outfits that are interesting and true to her pre-pregnancy style.

Kelli's maternity wardrobe staples seem to be unstructured dresses, fitted jeans and eye-catching accessories. Hats and heavy boots balance out light-weight fabrics while over-sized kimonos and button-up shirts balance out shorter dresses. 

Although her blog is primarily a fashion blog, Kelli shares bits and pieces of her life; photos of her daughter and husband, her home, her art and personal experiences. Although she has written about some tough things on her blog, it is a happy and up-lifting space, one that I look forward to reading every week.

It's nice to see that while pregnancy obviously changes your body, it's possible to adapt your wardrobe so your sense of style is remains intact!

6 thoughts:

  1. Stunning! I can only hope to look just as amazing when I'm pregnant, very inspiring! xo

  2. she is so fabulous!


  3. Love her gorgeous, boho looks!

    Heidi D.

  4. LOVE her style! Oh I hope to look cute when I'm pregnant, too!

    In good faith,

  5. You will definitely be my maternity fashion inspiration, along with Kelli! ;)

    Tara x

  6. True! Hope that I can keep my style together once I get pregnant hihi. Kelli looks amazing, but I think you look cuter ;P....


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