outfit: riverside

Jul 14, 2014

lace shouldered dress Forever 21
black skinny jeans & studded flats Zara
feathered boho hat Forever 21 (similar)
(24 weeks)

This is one of my favourite dresses (and we all know how much I love a good nightgown-esque dress), Usually I throw on a pair of heels and skip the belt that came with it but today it was feeling just a bit too short so I wore it as a tunic top instead. The day started out cool and rainy so I grabbed a hat in an attempt to prevent the rain from turning my hair into a frizzy mess. In the end the rain didn't make a difference because the day warmed up and turned ridiculously humid. The only downside to summer is the sticky humidity that comes along with it.

After the rain stopped we went for a walk down by the river and had dinner at my favourite place, The Green Door. I could eat there every day and never get sick of if! I hadn't been there since they renovated, it looks great inside, spacious and bright and the food was delicious as usual. 

The place was packed when we got there, but waiting in line was worth it, I even got take-out for later! I shared what we had with Tavi, who surprised us both by liking everything she tried, I thought for sure the beet salad wouldn't go over well but it did! Hands down, The Green Door is best vegetarian/vegan place to eat in Ottawa.

15 thoughts:

  1. You look beautiful. I love the dress as a tunic. And I think I would love that restaurant! I'm glad Tavi loved all the food!

  2. i love that dress! you look so gorgeous! xx


  3. I love this dress as a tunic! You look lovely. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Heidi D.

  4. I have been wanting to try the green door for ages! I think it's going to be my next dinner date spot!

  5. Love the dress. It looks so comfortable!

    You look fabulous!

  6. You look fab, what a lovely dress!!

  7. i love that hat!



  8. You look so pretty, the shoulder detail is gorgeous!

    Tara x

  9. I love this outfit and adore all the pieces, together and separately! Love that you had a great family date and that Tavi loved your food;)

  10. The whole outfit is perfect! Love the hat the flat, make up! everything!

  11. those shoes are tasty! You look awesome mama!

  12. First off, congratulations on your pregnancy, I'm so excited for you! I always enjoy reading your Sunday posts, you're such a sweet and loving mom and it always comes through in how you talk about your daughter. I'm glad you're feeling better as well, I was sick until my seventh moth with my son and man, that is rough, you poor thing! I hope everything goes smooth for you from here on out and congratulations again!

  13. Congratulations on your pregnancy! You look stunning and have such a beautiful glow! I was looking at that hat you are wearing from Forever 21! I was torn between buying the one with the feathered trim or the plain black, and I ended up going with the plain black. **Kicking myself now**

  14. Oh my, GORGEOUS!! You look so pretty. In love that that dress/tunic top. The crochet neckline is beautiful. Will keep The Green Door in mind if I ever visit Ottawa :)!


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