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Jun 8, 2014

wild flowers are just as beautiful as domesticated ones
a little girl (whose new favourite game is taking all the pillows 
off the couch) and her best friend 
hanging out in the shade on York Street
raspberry lemonade on a hot day
picnics at the park

We're making the most of these warm summer days, from having breakfast on the balcony to spending every free second doing something outdoors. The only time we seem to be inside is during nap time or when it rains. 

Tavi has been keeping me on my toes this week, she's curious and can get into just about everything. Our place is baby-proofed; no chemicals or open electrical sockets anywhere, the most she can do is make a lot of messes. 

The other day I was clearing the table after dinner and I know the salt and pepper shakers were on the table, away from the edge. Next thing I know I see a trail of salt on the carpet leading to a certain someone, smiling happily while clutching two small ceramic birds, upside down, pepper and salt spilling out everywhere. I have absolutely no idea how she got them off the table, (she needs help to climb on the couch, so it's doubtful she climbed on a chair) but it was a lesson for next time in making sure they are really out of reach. 

From finding my keys in the bathtub to searching Tavi's toy box for the tv remote, I've learned you can't set things down for a second or you'll spend hours looking for them!

17 thoughts:

  1. Haha, too funny! She's so adorable though, it must be almost impossible to get mad at her for too long :-)

  2. Ha, really funny, I guess your little one adds some fun to your lifes!

  3. Hehe, my sister says this is the "fun" age ... where they see everything and must touch.

    Gorgeous pictures, as always! Have a great week :)

  4. LOL! That's too cute! I guess she is resourceful! I honestly don't think anyone can baby proof a house enough cause in my limited experience, when there is a will, they find a way!

    Tavi is just too cute! Glad you are enjoying the warmer weather.

  5. those daisies are beautiful!


  6. your little one is adorable :)

  7. Hahah that's so funny she stole the S&P shakers!

    Love that picture of her with her monkey!

  8. SHhe is SO beautiful, trouble and all! I was always surprised by how resourceful my kids were, they could climb up onto things I had no idea they could get up on!

  9. Hihi so cute! Great you can enjoy the sun with family!

  10. beaver tails! yum! she is a cutie!

  11. Tavi's hair is sooo cute and that lemonade looks delicious!

    Tara x

  12. I love these little peaks into your world! It sounds like your summer is off to a good start!

  13. Dear, your blog is fabulous! I like your photos & your style!
    Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?

    will be happy to see you in my blog!

  14. Such beautiful pictures, I always look forward to reading your Sunday family post. Baby proofing the house is key to your sanity, like you said as long as all they can do is make a mess, it's really no big deal.

  15. Love the photos :) Your little girl is getting so big and she's so adorable!

  16. More kids need the great outdoors and it sounds like you are setting a great example for your daughter. Especially when summers in Ottawa are so so beautiful!

    I love your rug/coffee table/couch/pillow combo in the second photo!

  17. Tavi is absolutely stunning. I love that she grabbed the salt and pepper shakers!


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