outfit: summer staples (old favourites)

Jun 23, 2014

embroidered smock dress, turquoise necklace, eagle necklace Forever 21
purse Rebecca Minkoff
shorts, abbey road sunglasses Free People
striped cardigan The Gap
shoes Jeffrey Campbell
rings Club Monaco, Vintage, Hilary Druxman

The days are longer, there seems to be a national holiday every month and it mainly rains during the week when I'm stuck inside at work. I have no complaints about this summer! After a drab Canadian winter I love seeing all the bright colours and prints everyone has been wearing since the weather warmed up. I tend to wear a lot of neutrals but try to break it up with a bit of colour here and there.

This summer seems to be filled with lots of DIY projects, our balcony has once again become a make-shift workshop, our 'garden' moved to one side and the plants cordoned off by a blanket to protect them from sawdust. Our latest redo is a mid-century (at least I think that's the era it's from) credenza someone was giving away when they moved out of our building, a beautiful piece that just needed a new coat of varnish.

17 thoughts:

  1. looove the dress! you look amazing!

  2. love that shorts, top and necklace!

  3. You always do such a great job of layering clothes in a unique and fun way! Loving this dress and the peek of lace a the bottom…hot mama!

  4. SO cute! It's great to see you in some warmer weather outfits; you look lovely!

    Heidi D.

  5. I love this look! So pretty. I have been searching for a cute, embroidered dress like this one. Yours is adorable. Summer is so crazy busy. I think it's because we have to cram all the projects into just a few months before it's winter again!

  6. i love your top. it's very summer. i'm enjoying all the sunshine after a brutal winter here as well. i don't want summer to ever go away :)

  7. I love that sweater and those shorts paired with your dress! How are you so good at it?? I'm jealous.

  8. the embroidery is so gorgeous!



  9. Love everything about this look! I have that same necklace and I absolutely love it!


  10. love the coral and blue details! ecspecially the necklace. the shoes are great too and I absolutely adore how you did your hair! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  11. Summer here in Texas is murderous. I just can't think about fashion that much in the midst of the heat. My biggest challenge is deciding whether or not I'm going to put clothes on at all!

  12. That second snap is beautiful! I love your top. :)

    Tara x

  13. I love how you've translated your signature style to the summer months with crisp, fresh whites and punchy watermelon hues, while keeping those boho elements. Good call on finding a matching window frame (or was that just a happy coincidence?)

    1. ha ha the matching background was a lucky coincidence, we happened to go by it and I noticed it would be a good spot for photos!

  14. I love that dress! You look amazing!

  15. Amazing!! You looking so beautiful. I like it!!

  16. So ridiculous how you always manage to wow me with every outfit, the way you combine everything is so gorgeous, thanks for being such an inspiration! Need to get that necklace... like right now, hihi! You look beautiful Emmett!


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