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May 18, 2014

a thrifted vase that reminds me of anthropologie
making things from scratch
a little girl who likes to help me "organize"
a springtime tofu-ricotta lasagna*

13 months is such a wonderful age, it's amazing to see the joy the smallest things can bring to a child. Watching their first staggering steps and the pride that comes with mastering something new brings such happiness, and there is an air of innocence and wonder that surrounds everything.

Lately we've been organizing our balcony and making room for plants, we're going to utilize the space for a garden because living in a high-rise doesn't have to mean no green space! I looked into hydroponic gardening and decided it was way too complicated for a beginner so we're sticking to a traditional dirt garden. Using plants that grow vertically (like tomatoes and peppers) and a rickety old shelving unit to maximize square footage we should be able to grow quite a few vegetables out there. This year to make life easier I started with plants rather than seeds, next year I'll try sprouting sees and see how it goes. Tavi has been fascinated with the plants outside and has loved helping me garden, aka play in the dirt!

We've already been using the herbs we planted to make many delicious dishes. Jay and I agreed to raise Tavi on mostly vegetarian food with the occasional dinner of fish, chicken or beef. Lately I've been listening to a lot of YouTube videos on the vegan lifestyle and am thinking of doing a 30 day vegan challenge. This video really spoke to me and coupled with our visit to a farm a few months ago I've really felt the need to introduce more vegan meals into our dinner rotation. 

Now that warmer weather is here and lots of fresh fruits and vegetable will be in season over the next few months going vegan for 30 days should be pretty easy to do!

*veggie lasagna recipe from here. I modify it a bit and use spinach lasagna noodles, more cherry tomatoes, put fresh basil on every layer and use a ricotta-tofu blend and skip the olives and Parmesan cheese

10 thoughts:

  1. Gosh! Your daughter is seriously a cutie!!! That lasagna looks so good and healthy!

  2. love your daughter in that dress! and yes that is a sweet age ;)
    that lasagna looks delicious!

  3. Yum I am going to have to try that lasagna recipe!

  4. your little on is so cute!


  5. love your bits and pieces. and i've been meaning to make bread from scratch as well and have been looking into some cast irons to purchase. i love the idea of making things from scratch.

  6. Look at those cheeks!! She's such a cutie! Checked out the video and have to agree that she made some good points! I'm not vegan and am hesitant to change my diet at this time with a 4 month old, but it's always good to stay informed and open minded, thanks for the link. :-)

    Choo Choo

    1. I agree that switching your diet at this time would probably be pretty stressful, but if you're looking for new recipes to try you could try a vegan one and see what you think!

  7. Loving Tavi's updates, her curls are so cute and those eyes... priceless :).

    We're eating more vegetables and in fact my husband is not eating meat at all, AOI eats meat maybe twice a week but she loves her veggies so we don't worry too much. I tried a clean diet and I want to do that again, it's so simple to do that.

  8. Everything about this post makes me incredibly happy. I feel like I've been missing out on your blog lately! Family+Food+Cool Things=love. <3

    The Rambling Fangirl

  9. I'm eager to see how your balcony garden goes! We've done herbs every summer and this year we've added tomatoes. There's nothing like running outside to get that finishing touch (or key ingredient) for a meal!


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