The Woman Project - Angelina Jolie

Apr 28, 2014

When J from My Life in Lavender approached me about participating in her series The Woman Project, I was interested but had a hard time choosing a famous woman to draw inspiration from. Sure, there are many people whose style inspired me, but to choose someone whose life inspired me, that was pretty tough. 

There are many celebrities out there who donate to charity and use their fame to raise awareness for noble causes, which is awesome, but to me that seems easy, not something that requires a lot of effort. I mean charity donations are a tax write off and how hard is it to show up at a fundraiser party and smile? Someone whose life is heavily involved in giving back to others is what's inspiring to me. 

Angelina Jolie was the first celebrity that came to mind when I asked myself who genuinely tries to make a positive difference in the world. Her humanitarian work is extensive and when I started reading more about what she actually does I was blown away. In her work with the United Nations she often travels to countries that are highly volatile due to war and times of conflict, and she actually interacts with people rather than just making it a photo op. Besides giving money to charities, she has created some, where she has seen a need. It's clear she's a person who cares on a deeper level than merely gaining positive publicity. 

Angelina's personal style is pretty minimalist; lots of neutrals, clean lines and simple silhouettes, the opposite of mine! I love how polished and pulled together she looks and her make-up is always impeccable. I tend to wear minimal make-up for everyday, but I love how she pulls off a smokey eye and nude lip, something that even I, a make-up minimalist, could do!

So, that's my take on her make-style, it took a long time, which is why I hardly wear eye make-up! Reading about her has reminded me that I can do a lot more to give back.

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9 thoughts:

  1. Love this! Great contribution to The Woman Project. You look beautiful in Angelina's shimmery nude and smudged eye look. Isn't that funny how we are often drawn to looks that are the opposite of our own?

    Thanks for reminding me about what a giver she is!


  2. love this!


  3. It's a great project.

  4. lovely series, I didn't recognize you in that photo. You look completely different. Great smile :)

    AJ is one of my female celebrity crush, I really like her charity works and her films too :). Great choice thank you for sharing your point of view

  5. Oooh what a fun idea! I love your take on Angelina's style

  6. love your blog and your baby, from spain!

  7. I love Angelina Jolie, she is really trying the make a difference personally, not only by donating. Her style is pretty minimalist indeed, not really my thing, but she always looks gorgeous! You are so way more prettier than Angelina... with out with the make up hihi.


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  8. I love Angelina too! She's such a mystery to me...You totally rock the smoky eye.


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