outfit: spring things

Apr 12, 2014

khaki cargo jacket Talula (Aritzia)
crystal arrowhead necklace Etsy
sunglasses H&M

Whenever I go to Old Navy I usually head strait to the kids section, I never bother looking at clothes for myself because I always found the clothing to be boxy and ill-fitting. This time on my way to the back of the store a maxi dress display caught my eye. I stopped and looked at a couple of dresses and was pleasantly surprised. They were cute, well made and fit great. Along with some Spring clothes for Tavi, a few things made their way home with me and into my closet!

If you're in Ottawa this weekend be sure to check out the Vintage Show at the Ottawa Convention Centre tomorrow. It's from 10am - 5pm and a word of advice, the earlier you get their the better your odds are for scoring some great pieces. You guy are always asking where I get my rings and jewellery, well this is one of the places I've found some awesome things. Unfortunately I'm out of town this weekend and have to miss the show which feels a bit strange. I don't think I've missed one in 3 years!

If you're going tomorrow, good luck!

17 thoughts:

  1. I'm totally surprised this dress is from Old Navy, usually their maxis are awful and don't fit very well. This one is totally beautiful though, I love the white embroidery and now I think I might have to go see if our local store has them. (I do the same, usually just head straight for the kids section. the little girl dresses are SO cute!)

  2. I usually shop for the girls at Old Navy too because their stuff is adorable. The women's stuff is always too short on me. The maxi dress is so pretty on you - I admire your winter boho, my style usually gets so boring in the cold months.

  3. This is super cute. Im loving the vibe here
    Pretty Lovely

  4. gorgeous dress!



  5. Oooh love this maxi dress! The navy color is gorgeous on you

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. I'm a sucker for maxis and moccasins!

  7. that's a pretty dress . and love your moccasins!

  8. Love the dress, moccasins and that fringe bag..looks like its finally getting warmer x

  9. Such a gorgeous dress! I really love that halter style.


  10. Fun, comfy shoes! & Loving this color combination! Looking forward to your future posts. ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  11. big fan of that dress - how cute!

  12. Nice dress, I actually ordered a dress from a famous designer’s bridal collection as well for double the price and returned it immediately because the material felt so cheap compared to the my other one.

  13. Talk about one-stop shopping! I can see you finding ways to style that dress in all seasons. I've found a couple of real gems at Old Navy - a mint silk blouse that's going on 8 years, and a pair of taupe booties that were comfortable and went with everything and that I scored for $15.

  14. Thanks for including my necklace again :) It was sold out from last time but it's back in stock now!

    Beautiful outfit as always :)


  15. Hey Emmett! How are you? It has been a while, busy, busy :). That dress is such a great find, lucky you! Navy looks amazing on you. I really love the combination with the Minnetonka's, so so cute!


    ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿ Lucia Flores Diary ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿

  16. You look like spring! It doesn't feel like spring here, so it's a welcome change!


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