outfit: black and white and red all over

Apr 3, 2014

resort romper Free People
fair isle sweater TNA (Aritzia)
red stone and amber rings Forever 21
necklace Byward Market

Yesterday was insanely windy, it was impossible to keep my hair out of my face and I was really glad this was a short romper and not a short dress because if it was I'd be flashing everyone uncontrollably! Despite the wind the weather has been great lately, Spring is definitely around the corner. 

The other day I went out to lunch with my friend and we couldn't believe how beautiful it was; the sun was shining, the snow was melting and it was whole 6 degrees outside! To us it was warm, no winter jackets or hats, but someone from a warmer climate might think we were a bit nuts. We are so desperate for warm weather up here in Canada we'll use any temperature above zero as excuse to remove a few layers!

Another reason I'm glad it's almost time to pack all our winter stuff away is because I AM SO SICK OF WEARING BOOTS. I can't wait to wear flats and sandals, or something with a little heel, anything other than boots.

13 thoughts:

  1. Such a cool romper and cardigan!
    Same here about the weather, the Netherlands is pretty unpredictable, so I love that I could wear open shoes these days!


  2. Gorgeous romper! I love it!

  3. we can't wait to get rid of thighs! my goodness let the sun come out haha cute outfit :)
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  4. I'm so sick of wearing boots too! you look great in this outfit, love the romper!

  5. I'm all done with winter, and boots, and all the shiz. But you look gorgeous. :)



  6. Love that Free People romper, great pattern and colours. Great post.


  7. We just spent a few days in Nelson, BC. It's definitely spring down there... my husband was in flip flops without a jacket. Unfortunately, there's still 3 feet of snow on the ground at home in Canmore.

    That romper is so cute (and practical, evidently!)

  8. This romper, necklace and the sweater are lovely together, so much love for this look. I'd probably look like Michelin man at 6degrees x

  9. Haha, 6 degrees above zero sounds great after seeing all those freezing pictures :P. The Netherlands has a little warmer climate, but it's still cold as hell in winter (I know how you feel). This year it has been a "warm" winter... which is kinda strange. Last month we hit temperatures above 20 degrees celsius, too weird....

    Anyway, looking so so so cute!!!! That romper is too adorable. Love the combo with the vest and jewelry. You always put your outfits together perfectly, love it!


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  10. that romper is gorgeous!!



  11. It's been a really windy spring. I thought I'd get blown right off the Alexandria Bridge the other day. That sweater is really pretty and looks like it would double nicely for warding off the breeze. Fingers crossed for sandals weather soon!

  12. I had to look twice to be sure this was a romper. Very lovely! Hope you are well. Rachel xo


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