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Mar 9, 2014

getting ready for swimming takes just about as long as the actual swimming part!

It's been such a busy fun filled week! One of the things we did was check out a new pool with our friends from the 6th floor. The place was amazing and designed with little kids in mind - it was way better than the pool at our gym! Tavi had a blast and by the time we left she had mastered the art of jumping into the pool from a seated position (with me there to catch her of course) and was pretty fearless when it came to exploring all the different sections. She had such a great time, she was laughing and smiling so big you could see all of her tiny little teeth! 

It was a bittersweet morning because with each new moment (walking under the fountains, going down the baby slide, floating on her back in a life jacket) there was so much joy, but in the back of my mind I was aware that this time was fleeting. I wanted to freeze each moment and transcribe them to my memory permanently, so that they'd remain vivid instead of fading with time. I suppose this blog post will have to do.

Tavi's bohemian nursery is this close to being complete. I found the perfect rug to complete her reading nook, the last piece of artwork arrived in the mail and is waiting to be mounted, and her Victorian settee should be done by early next week. It took a long time for everything to come together, but the end result is a space that is put together yet kid friendly.

I got Tavi a pack of multi-coloured polka dotted socks and she has become obsessed with them. I can't leave her alone with the laundry for a second ^ because she will tip the basket over and root through everything until she finds those socks! I suppose it's socks in general really; we had friends come up and visit this weekend and she kept trying to pull the other little baby's socks off. I caught her crawling around the apartment with them more than once!

12 thoughts:

  1. So nice to document memories through your blog, especially from your baby girl. Very curious about Tavi's bohemian nursery!!! :) The last picture is so cute.

    Have a nice week!


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  2. Your kid is so cute! I can't take it. My nephew is going to be one in April and I can't believe how quickly his first year has gone by. I'm sure his parents are in awe and, like you, have mixed emotions about all that he is experiencing and mastering. Oh, children. ;)

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. I know what you mean! I too wish I could somehow freeze those little moments and keep them forever, that's why I blog too ;)
    can't wait to see Tavi's bohemian nursery ;)

  4. and so her fashion fix starts!!! i can't wait to see the completed nursery!

  5. oh my goodness, she's getting so big! love her curls!

  6. Indoor pools are a winter life saver for us. I'm so happy to have a place for them to get some of their boundless energy out until spring gets here for real.

  7. what a little cutie! i love her hair!


  8. oh she is just too precious! her curls :)

  9. Gosh she is growing so fast. Definitely keep documenting things, time flies and it's so good to look back. My boys love water, must be a baby thing. I can't wait to get them in the pool when the weather is nice.

  10. This picture killed me on Instagram. She is getting so big and already has her own personality! It totally looks like she's just picking out her next outfit. :)

  11. So cute baby. also very good collection of this lace dress.
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