outfit: black skinny jeans

Mar 29, 2014

leopard print boots Sam Edelman
jeans Zara
striped blouse Club Monaco
crochet sweater Anthropologie
rosary Vintage 
bracelets Forever 21

Having just gotten over a cold it was nice to be outside in warmer spring temperatures, even if it meant dodging massive puddles every few feet. Did a quick Tim Hortons run, for a toasted bagel with jam and as usual I was surprised when I got my order. This time it was layered with Swiss cheese and there was a side of peanut butter to go along with it. So random. I hardly ever get what I order and yet I keep going back!! I really wish there was a small locally owned coffee shop within walking distance, I'd be there every day!

I was feeling pretty lazy today and didn't want to bother with tights so I reached for a pair of jeans, something I rarely do. I was pleasantly surprised with how well they worked with ankle boots (I always thought skinny jeans and ankle boots would make your legs look super short and stumpy but they don't) and plan on wearing this combo again soon.

17 thoughts:

  1. Skinnies and ankle boots are a winner - nearly wear that combo on a daily basis ;) You look fab with that combo and I love the boots!

  2. So funny to read "warmer spring temperatures" when there are actually mountains of ice behind you hihi. It must be the normal warmer spring weather in Ottawa :P.

    Uber cute outfit! Love the crochet sweater over the striped blouse, you always layer everything perfectly. Looking very pretty :).


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  3. Lookin' lovely! Nice combination of colors.

    I'm fortunate to have several local businesses around me which always provide better service than the chains. I support them regardless of whether they charge more.

  4. Great outfit. Love those boots!

    Ugh, I hate when an establishment doesn't get my order right! One of my biggest pet peeves.

  5. I love all the colors and patterns in your outfit. The leather jacket is really cute too. You look great :)

  6. such an adorable combination. :)



  7. SO cute. I want everything in this outfit!

  8. I also am pretty unsure about skinnies and ankle boots, it makes me feel a like I have chickenlegs... Sometime seeing it on someone else just changes your point of view, so thank you, on you it just looks cool!

    Love your blog, I am a new follower!


  9. This is such a great look. I love how you layer (I always tell you that, I know, but I really do! There's definitely an art to it, and you are so good at it!) And those booties! Amazing. So gorgeous. I laughed at your bagel story. What the? So funny.

  10. Ohhh spring...when will you get here! Hahaha cute color and stripe combination

  11. I love everything about this outfit, the skinny jeans, the pop of yellow color, the loose hair, and the leopard shoes. This is really a great combo, you should totally wear it again. Love love your style I tell you.

  12. LOVE the boots, sometimes its nice to just reach for basics isn't it? I've said this before and I'll say it again, I love how you do your hair x

  13. love your lipstick! and that sweater is perfect too! xx. gigi. www.gigikkitchen.com

  14. I love everything about this outfit, especially the layering stripes under that gorgeous jumper - such a great colour! Love your bag too. First time reading your blog and its fab, so will definately be back. Hello fellow Twin peaks fan! Lianne xx

  15. This outfit is really fun! I love how you've pulled all these pieces together. The texture of your sweater is awesome, rivalled only by the colour. This one went on my pinterest board :)

  16. wonderful outift as always. I love the mustard top

  17. nice to see you wearing black skinny jeans paired with leopard print shoes. great idea and it looks good.


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