Style Spotlight: Madame de Rosa's Eclectic Hippie Style

Mar 22, 2014

Years ago when I first started this blog I did a post on Madame de Rosa and her unique hippie style. Even though I've written about her before, many of you may have missed that post buried deep within the archives. I think it's worth featuring her again because her style is amazing and it has also evolved a lot since those early days.

Based out of Madrid, Spain Ángela Rozas Sáez is the blogger behind Madame de Rosa. She wears classic bohemian pieces; kimonos, kaftans, maxi dresses, lots of fringe, etc but she styles everything in a creative way to make these retro pieces look modern. Her style is bright and colourful and I appreciate she isn't afraid of bold statement pieces. She has a very distinct, luxurious bohemian look and although her outfits can lean towards the more theatrical side, they are all pretty wearable. You also get a sense of Ángela's personality through her blog and you can tell that although she loves fashion she doesn't take it too seriously!

9 thoughts:

  1. she's gorgeous! love all of her looks!


  2. Sweet pictures and amazing hippy-looks. :)

  3. Girl's got a wicked style! I'm gonna check up her blog, xoxo

  4. amazing! thanks for sharing ;)

  5. oh yes. her blog is beyond amazing.
    great post

  6. Wow. I seriously want the entire outfit from the second picture. She is GORGEOUS — and she could make a paper bag look good, let alone her impeccable clothes!

  7. Her style is amazing! I shared so many of her outfits. Sometimes a little too over the top for my taste, think I like your style better hihi :).


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  8. Your dresses are so on point. I would love to do a collab' with you one time. Seriously RIGHT ON.

    Xoxo- Larz

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