outfit: another white maxi dress, that happens to be lace

Mar 10, 2014

lace maxi dress Chaser
fur collar suede coat & 
middle necklace Vintage
cropped 90s style sweater Urban outfitters

I'm sure everyone has that one specific style of clothing that they love and have many, many variations of it hanging in their closet. For me my weakness is white dresses, specifically lace ones (evidence of this obsession here, here, here and here) which really is bizarre because I'm constantly dropping and spilling things so you'd think black would be my go-to colour. 

Anyways I LOVE this lace maxi dress, I read a lot of negative reviews about it on-line so I was hesitant to order it... but when it popped up on Amazon for less than $30 I figured I'd risk it. Honestly I don't know why it was getting bad reviews! It's a quality dress, the lace is heavy-duty and durable, yes the lining is short, but it's not obscenely short and I thought the top of it fit fine. I guess the moral of this story is you can't always trust reviews! 

20 thoughts:

  1. It's such an amazing dress and works so well with your fab vintage coat <3

  2. Neh, definately not! Reviews can't always be trusted, especially when it comes to clothing....or movies, oh my. For $30 bucks it was worth the risk, it's absolutely gorgeous! Love how you layered it with the crop top and out of control vintage coat :).


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  3. love it! you look great on white lace dresses so keep them coming ;)

  4. Gorgeous! Love the maxi dress :D

  5. oh that dress is perfection and I love your hair! so cute

    Alexa <3

  6. Yes! you definitely did well with this dress, sometimes it does pay to ignore reviews..Loved the last post as well, Tavi's such a cutie x

  7. Love the white and how it breaks up the outfit a bit. I especially love white maxi dress with coats and woollen, Winter-y garments. You look comfortable and chic at the same time!


  8. it's beautiful. and your coat! wow! love it!

  9. that skirt is beautiful!



  10. I love your sunglasses, it's so chic, and your look is amazing :)

  11. Lovely outfit, the lace is so stunning! You've styled the pieces so well! xx

  12. Loving this outfit! I am a huge fan of layering sweaters and tops over maxi dresses and I think you pull it off beautifully! The perfect transition outfit from winter to spring!

  13. Perfect look! I'm developing an obsession for white lace dresses as well :)


  14. this is so perfect! I would never have thought to combine these things but it absolutely works.

  15. I love the dress, and I love how you styled it! You seriously rock maxi dresses.

  16. I love your sunglasses, it's so chic, and your look is amazing love it! you look great on white lace dresses so keep them coming ;)

  17. i love your hair and outfit. thanks for sharing.
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