outfit: waiting for spring

Feb 19, 2014

feather necklace Thrifted
free spirit feathered  floppy hat F21 (will probably go back and get this hat too!)
crystal arrowhead necklace Etsy (this shop)
coat H&M
fringed purse Zara (similar ones here & here)
black cardigan BCBG
crochet shawl Threadsence (similar)
playsuit Spell Designs

I am so sick of winter and all the dark colours that go along with it! I decided to layer something bright and cheerful under my dark clothes today to combat the winter doldrums. Spring really can't come soon enough! I'm loving all the spring and summer lookbooks popping up on-line, they're something to tide me over until the snow melts for good.

Someone asked on an earlier post how I stay warm in the winter (apologies it's taken so long to reply). If I'm going to be spending a large chunk of time outdoors, which isn't often, I'll layer tights under thick knitted pants along with mukluks, a heavier coat and a hat/scarf/mitts. 

Most days I usually have tights and a cami or tank under whatever I'm wearing and I'm fine. I actually have the problem of being too warm inside and end up having to remove layers. It's always a pain to try and figure out where to stash my coat. Maybe it's because I wore a uniform for 5 years in high school and spent my days waiting for the bus in a kilt and tights that's made me indifferent to the cold. Either way I find layers are the key to staying warm in the winter!

26 thoughts:

  1. I love everything about your outfit! It really is perfection!

  2. Love this look, Really reminds that spring is within our reach.

  3. Such a beautiful outfit, love love love. I am so ready for Spring too, I want some warm weather like yesterday.

  4. i love the colors and print of that playsuit!!


  5. Loving the little bit of spring that you are bringing into winter! It's sad, but most of the time during winter I am so unmotivated to look cute because I am too cold to care. Your outfit posts are inspiring me to step it up.

  6. I always look at your outfits and wonder how you always manage to put together a beautiful mix with pieces I never think would work. I love this, everything about it...your style in general!

  7. What perfect choices to break Winter's doldrums. You look chic and exciting. Plus, your makeup is superb. I wish I had your talent at that.

  8. Love this tribal layering on you! Beautiful outfit :)

  9. love that fringe bag!



  10. I am so sick of winter, as well. This outfit is gorgeous. I love how you layer. You do it so well. I always feel frumpy with a lot of layers, but you look so chic! That play suit is awesome and I bet it will be so fun to style when spring finally arrives!

  11. Thanks Emmett for including my necklace! Beautiful outfit! Best Wishes!

  12. Cute! I've been trying to usher in spring little by little with brighter colors and prints. Today was a nice day for that. Oh and I found that Aztec print hoodie you posted the other day. I bought it and it's making me so happy.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  13. Love the colors! I am so ready for spring as well. :) Lovely outfit.

  14. You look gorgeous dear. Such great styling, I love all of the colours in your tunic too! I am sick of cold weather and snow, but still wear bright colours in winter! :-) xx/Madison

  15. I'm SO sick of winter as well. Luckily we didn't have too much snow or freezing cold here in the Netherlands this winter (normally it's about -10 degrees celsius at this moment), nevertheless, can't wait for spring :).
    Love how you layered this outfit, it's just perfect. The playsuit is so cute, the print is so pretty. You look absolutely beautiful!

    Kisses from the Netherlands,

    ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿ Lucia Flores Diary ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿

  16. Love the shawl… You are just so good at putting things together!

  17. yes, i am waiting for spring too! love how you incorporated the bright colors while still keeping it warm for winter!

  18. I agree...so sick of darkness and winter....Loving your layers!

  19. Wow, what a great outfit! Love all the accessories!

  20. I absolutely LOVE your style!!!! Stunning!!!
    Xoxo Carla


  21. Really gorgeous look, I love the playsuit!

  22. Love it!! You are stunning and so creative with your styling!


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