Etsy Love: white bird paperwork

Feb 28, 2014

beautifully designed business cards via White Bird Paperwork 

For the longest time I've thought: man, I need to get some business cards! It was just one of those things that over time became necessary. Not just for blogging events or for sharing my blog address when it came up in conversation, but for everyday situations. When I'm taking photos in the market, so people can see where their products are featured and email me for the rest. For casual conversations when I'm asked about what I'm wearing and where I shop, for explaining how to find me on instagram without spelling my user name out. Basically, I needed them for everything!

The thing that held me back for so long was I hadn't come across any designs I loved, that is, until my friend Romy over at Hippy at Heart opened up her White Bird Paperwork shop! She has a talent for taking dreamy vintage pieces  and translating them into business cards that are beautiful, eye-catching works of art that really embody the creative spirit. I loved all the designs in her Etsy store and was excited when she offered to do my business cards for me.

 Romy does custom work, but I chose an existing template inspired by one of her beloved vintage kimonos. I sent her my info and a short time later she emailed the file to me, it was quick and strait-forward. The only hassle I had was finding a place to get the business cards printed. I tried to use a local Ottawa based company, but their website was straight out of the 90's and wouldn't work. I looked at another popular Canadian office supply store, but their prices were beyond ridiculous, so I went with Vistaprint. They were reasonably priced and my business cards were delivered within a week.

I'm really happy with the end result, I now have unique and interesting business cards that truly reflect my personality. 

10 thoughts:

  1. Super cute business cards, love the design! All graphic design for my company is printed by Vistaprint, love them. Great quality, fast delivery at a good price.

    Have a great weekend!

    XO from the Netherlands,

    ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿ Lucia Flores Diary ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿

    1. I was happy with Vistaprint, I can see why your company would use them. I tried to support local business but ended up wasting a few days, especially at the one company where I physically went in the print shop only to be told to do everything online... then all the prices I was quoted were way off and their site wasn't user friendly. Def will use Vistaprint again in the future :)

    2. Hooray to the local businesses, but they just can't compete with Vistaprint.... unfortunately!

  2. these are gorgeous! she's talented!


  3. These turned out beautifully! I love the color and pattern here. It definitely feels like you! ;)

    The Rambling Fangirl

  4. Great post. They look nicely made. Cool photos!


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  5. Great choice! The look amazing and I think the style fits your blog and aesthetic perfectly.

  6. I loved seeing these on Instagram! They really fit your personality, and I like that they're so colorful and not just simple black and white designs.

  7. Those are such pretty cards! I need to have some made too


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