sunday series: baby steps

Jan 12, 2014

A certain little someone has figured out how to pull the lids off her current sippy cups and absolutely loves pouring the water out all over herself! It's humorous to watch, but not the most practical hobby, so this afternoon Jay and I headed to Westboro with Tavi for a quick trip to the store to get some cups with lids that screw on.

While we were in the neighbourhood we decided to have a late lunch at Thyme & Again, one of my favourite coffee shops. Tucked away above the main floor is a small room filled with comfortable seating and interesting art; a cozy place to spend a Sunday afternoon. The room was fairly empty and we chilled over hot drinks and soup while Tavi took staggering steps around the sides of our coffee table. While holding on to it of course!

Periodically we took little walks around the room with Tavi, who quickly made friends with a couple of ladies at the table next to us. They thought she was adorable and told her she looked like a little valentine in her red and white outfit. We had a lovely afternoon and based on Tavi's determination to move around today, I'm going to guess she'll be walking on her own pretty quickly!

8 thoughts:

  1. Aw that's sweet and the coffee shop sounds so relaxing (with 4 kids) it's hard to fully relax in a coffee shop. Enjoy the moments walking alongside or behind her while you can.

  2. I think babies are one of the most interesting things to watch in the world....Strike that, babies *are* the most interesting thing to watch in the world!

  3. so cute!! you must be so happy and proud of her!

  4. She is just getting cuter and cuter!!!

  5. YAY Tavi, so proud of you, she will be running around soon. This is so amazing.

  6. so adorable!



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