outfit - the tag said slip but i'm going to call it a dress. because really, what kind of slip has flowers on it?

Jan 13, 2014

dress, coat, clutch, green ring Vintage
boots - Town Shoes
long necklace Club Monaco
blouse Forever 21 (worn backwards)
peace bracelet c/o Star Embracelet

I really scored thrifting last week and this dress was one of my lucky finds. It's vintage (here's a great article on how to determine if something is vintage or not) and was in the slip/lingerie section of the thrift store, but I think it was mislabelled. I can see how it might be a nightgown, but calling it a slip is a stretch, the floral pattern would show through anything you tried to wear it under.

Who in their right mind would give away this beautiful rosary?! I don't know, but I'm not complaining! The 99 cents rack is always full of great jewellery and I think a lot of it goes undiscovered because there's simply so much stuff heaped on it. If you're not willing to dig, you're going to miss out on a lot of great things.

This mostly vintage outfit is topped off by my favourite vintage coat. I try not to wear it on the blog too much because I'm sure you're all sick of seeing it, but the reality is it's probably worn far too much!

27 thoughts:

  1. you look like a real bohemian princess here;) the dress is really a dream and how could anybody get sick of seeing that beautiful coat!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. It's totally a dress....a really cute one!

  3. Haha. Yeah, that's totally not a slip! I think you styled it perfectly!

  4. An absolutel lovely vintage outfit and I never get sick of this fab fab fab coat!

  5. I'm not surprised that coat is your favourite, it is awesome!

  6. What a great dress! Looks beautiful on you.

  7. Love the title of this post, awesome. Great outfit.


  8. Ok, I'm officially over the moon for that coat! So vintage. So fab.

  9. ah, i'm so happy i came across your blog today! your coat is so wonderful and i love your whole outfit here!

    lindsey louise


  10. Pfftt...that's no slip! I wonder what compelled them to think so.
    Love the coat!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving a lovely comment :)



  11. The slip dress is gorgeous, it's too pretty to hide underneath something! And damn, your coat is so cute! I am in the process of making a wee coat similar but it is taking me forever! I guess I will have a new coat next winter! ha! I have been so busy I have hardly the time for internets these days but I am glad I stopped by pretty lass! Happy new year! Zoë x

  12. omgosh cutest outfit ever!! so bohemian chic! i love it!! you're so gorgeous!!!

  13. That's so pretty! No matter what it's called, it deserves to be worn. And appreciated. You have exceptional skill in spotting thrift bargains. I've learned it takes talent to find the gems in the midst of dross.

    BTW, I'm really enjoying your blog. You not only have great style, you have a charming personality.

    1. thank you Ally, this is one of the nicest comments I have ever received :)

  14. I like the way you pair your clothes! Especially like the yellow sweater with the dress. It looks really nice!

  15. that coat is amazing!!



  16. Ha, this is a weird slip but an amazing dress! Score for you! Loving your thrift finds, they are seriously amazing.

  17. you look so beautiful! nice slip, i mean dress! ;) but y eye is on that killer coat!


  18. You look so adorable as always! I have recently started thrifting but haven't come across any gold yet xx

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  19. Great look!!! Love the coat! Great layering!!!
    Xoxo, Carla

  20. i'd totally wear it as a dress too haha, that delicate floral print is too pretty to cover up! and i cant believe you got that coat vintage!! that color is GORGEOUS, but i really love that fur detailing :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  21. love this outfit and your hair like this is amazing! :) x

  22. So happy this dress found a happy owner despite the potential mislabelling. Thank you for the link to the article. Some of the tips are ones I already follow; others were new to me! Forget tags - I suppose one day our blogs will be a reference for vintage pieces! (that post was published at LEAST 20 years ago!)

  23. You look beautiful! You would look great in some of our vintage dresses :)
    Becky x

  24. What a fun and gorgeous outfit! Your hair looks amazing and I'm just dying over that coat! Your floral slip is also so great! Love it all!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  25. rockin' the vintage! The gown looks great on you


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