Mara Hoffman: Quirky Brights & Geometric Prints

Jan 28, 2014

Despite the mountains of snow that winter keeps dumping on us, it's true that Spring is really just right around the corner. In a few short months we'll be sweltering from the sun and complaining about the heat! My mind is already in warm-weather mode, I've been looking at all the Spring collections and picking out my favourites. So far the top contender is Mara Hoffman, her collection of brightly coloured swimsuits, rompers and dresses appeals to my laid-back bohemian side. I love how everything looks fresh and modern while still maintaining a hippie vibe.

The fact that these dresses are both fitted and gauzy is what makes this collection so wearable. The biggest complaint about bohemian styled clothing is that the loose shapes aren't flattering and can make you look stumpy and wide. That's not the case at all with this collection!

I'm also a huge fan of the swimsuits, as I get older I find that flimsy bikinis just don't cut it any more and yes, while Mara Hoffman does design the classic teeny-tiny triangle top bikini there's also a ton of really cute structured suits. I have my eye on a couple, a one-piece and a two piece, but can't seem to choose which one is the best. I better decide soon, because as I learned last year, waiting for the end-of-season sales means that there are no sizes left in stock!

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6 thoughts:

  1. i love her stuff. while i love the sometimes "shapeless" look of the boho-themed clothing, this has both a hippie vibe and fun!

  2. It's so refreshing to see some spring pop up on the internet, this winter is about to do me in. So glad you posted this! P.S. your donut post has me dying to visit ottawa ASAP.

  3. what beautiful patterns!


  4. love Mara Hoffmans designs, bought the Maricopa shawl) eye shawl and it is awesome, highly recommend it for adding some colour to your winter wardrobe.

    1. I definitely need an injection of colourful mara hoffman into my winter wardrobe!

  5. Those suits are seriously amazing. The bright colors and fitted patterns are so cool! I like the whole collection.


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