Artist du jour: Rachel Urquhart, Pony Gold

Jan 9, 2014

There's something about portraits that I'm inexplicitly drawn too. From the faces staring out at me on my bedroom walls to the faces on the back of my iphone cases, a simple sketch of a face is beautifully captivating.

Artist Rachel Urquhart has a talent for drawing faces, her romantic images convey a sense of innocence and longing. The pictures intrigue you, it's difficult to look at one of her pieces and not wonder about the story behind it. The religious and mystic undertones are complemented by elements of nature incorporated in the form of tattoos, faded backgrounds and accessories.

Using a mix of water colours and mechanical pencils, Rachel's drawings are truly gold.

All artwork featured is by artists Rachel ‘Raych’ Urquhart of the Pony Gold blog

4 thoughts:

  1. your blog is such a beautiful place! Happy to have found it :)


  2. i love these! they are very fantastical!

  3. So pretty, I agree with you- looking at each one of these leaves me wondering about the inspiration or back story to each one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. these portraits are breathtaking! i wish i could draw like this, i would never get bored


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