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Dec 3, 2013

It's been awhile hasn't it? We all came down with colds, first me, then Tavi then Jay and before I knew it a week and a half had gone by. We were all better in time for the first snowfall of the season and after the ploughs had gone through we went for a walk.

Tavi seemed confused by her winter clothing more than anything, she wasn't really impressed with all the layers (little did I know how unimpressed she would be later in the week when I put her in her actual snowsuit). It's quite the production taking a baby out in the cold, layers upon layers, mitts and hats and boots and then once you get to where you're going it's take them out of everything quickly before they overheat!

Once we got
 outside we took Tavi out of her stroller briefly and I took her over to a picnic table so she could see the snow up close without actually having to put her feet in it. She was very curious and kept trying to do a face-plant into the snow, hopefully this is sign she doesn't mind the cold and will enjoy winter activities like skating on the canal down the road!

16 thoughts:

  1. Such cute pictures! I love the snow, not that we get much here in England, it mostly just rains in the winter. Love your coat too :) xx

  2. love your jacket!

  3. they might not love it...but babies all bundled up are the cutest thing!

  4. You are just a couple of snow bunnies~ so cute!

    Im sure Tavi will love the snow and winter weather. I on the other hand will be hibernating! : )

  5. awwww, Tavi is the most adorable baby on the blog :). love this recap {but sorry you all had the cold}, winter is awesome but also annoying because we have to bundle up so much for just a second outside.

  6. She gets cuter by the day! And just as stylish as her Momma :-)

  7. So sorry to hear that you were all sick, I was wondering where you guys went. It's good to see you back in blogland and feeling better.

    Tavi seemed to enjoy her first snow fall of the season and you bundled her up so nicely how could she not.
    BTW, that's the Canada I remember with snow everywhere :). Tell Jay he is living in the wrong country if he hates Winter.

    1. ha ha that's exactly what I said to Jay, we need to move somewhere that's warm all year!

  8. i remember how hard it was to bring babies out in the winter! what a production!

  9. Awww... What a fun family outing!!! She looks so cute in her winter wear. :-)

  10. She looks so cute all bundled up. I just love her. :)

  11. Beautiful photographs! I remember the palava getting out the house when my two were little. I used to love getting them wrapped up all snug to go out in the snow although a fairly rare occurence where we are in the UK.

  12. Too much cuteness! Love her smiley face picture.
    Miss you guys :(

  13. She looks like a pretty happy camper in the top-right photo! (or she's just grinning at Jay)

  14. Eeekkk! What a precious little face. Hope you and your precious little are enjoying all sorts of wintry magic.


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