style spotlight: gypsy lovin light

Dec 21, 2013

As Ottawa gets pounded by snowstorm after snowstorm and the temperatures creep down past -20, I take great joy in reading blogs based out of warm climates, like Gypsy Lovin Light. Based out of Australia Helen's style tends to be light and airy with occasional rocker twist, well suited for a country full of sun and sand. Besides all the beautiful jewellery featured there's plenty of lace and this blog proves that there's no such thing as too many lacy white dresses! I'm envious that the boho look is such a big thing down under; so many great brands, it must be nice to go into a store and see lots of pretty delicate pieces instead of pile after pile of bulky sweaters!

7 thoughts:

  1. Wow those pictures are stunning! I adore the boho/relaxed style! Great inspiration! :)

  2. As you note, a great thing about the blogosphere is seeing people around the world living their lives. Our season here in NY is similar to yours (only a little warmer), so it's startling to see people in the Southern Hemisphere enjoying the opposite.

    1. ABSOULTELY!.. I'm from sunny Queensland, we have 3 seasons hot! hot! and bloody hot!.. lived in London for 6 years and I missssssss the cooolllldd weather!.. all those divine jumpers thick stocking and coats... The Grass is always Greener....

  3. So pretty! We're getting pounded with snow here, too, so I'm totally jealous of people hanging out on the beach. :)

  4. those green nails are gorgeous!


  5. Gorgeous! I love the look of white lace over solid black. If it's any consolation, your wardrobe would probably be infinitesimally smaller if you lived in Australia. I did my grad studies there and was shocked at the prices of clothing. But I lived in the most Hippie Lace-like neighbourhood in Sydney and strolling outside was eye candy every single day.


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