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Dec 5, 2013

Maybe it makes me a weirdo, but I'm not into the whole push-up bra thing that a lot of lingerie stores seem to promote and exclusively stock. I usually stick with simple basics, mainly because options are limited at said stores. This week while doing some Cyber Monday browsing I came across some pretty undies made by For Love and Lemons. The entire "Skivvies" Holiday Collection is good. Really good. I mean, they got someone who doesn't get overly excited about undergarments thinking: man, I need to upgrade my collection!

Of course, going through their lookbook there are so many different styles it was hard to choose a just few favourites. Besides the elegant lace pieces on my wish list above, there are fun things like crushed velvet bodysuits and bras. You might not think that is a practical material, but there's a time and a place for everything! I can totally see the velvet bralettes working with flimsy blouses or tops that have strategically placed lace panels.

7 thoughts:

  1. Ooo... Those lacy bras are adorable!!! I'm sure my hubby would love them too. ;-)

  2. so many pretty things!



  3. Wow, I am not into lingerie either ... but these are exquisite. :) Very simple and feminine.

  4. Really amazing, love that beige bralette!

  5. i loved this lookbook soooooo much! want every one of those! who wouldn´t feel sexy with them?
    so feminine and beautiful. great choice!


  6. these shots are amazing, not to mention the bras! I'm also a push-up bra hater, i actually hate wearing bras and avoid them as much as i can ha...but of course with some transparent tops or slouchy blouses, a girl needs some support right?... i'm definitely clicking on the store that sells these! thanks for sharing


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