outfit: picture day!

Dec 19, 2013

shoes Zara
dress Corey Lynn Calter via Anthroplogie
cardigan Banana Republic
coat H&M
necklace (similar) Forever 21 (almost bought this one, and like this one but will wait till they're on sale)

Today we got professional family photos done and I decided to wear my New Years Eve dress, since I figured there wouldn't be a lot of opportunities to wear it. Little did I know that construction on the highway would mean that I'd be running behind and would be stuck wearing it all afternoon, even to Tavi's doctors appointment. I guess it's going to get a lot of wear after all!

I love the mod vibe the dress gives off with it's big polka dots and empire waist, and the dainty lace trim along the top is a bonus. The best part is it's actually a decent length which always seems to be an issue for me when it comes to dresses. Black and navy blue is one of my favourite combos ever since wearing this outfit, never really thought the colours would work together but they really do!

19 thoughts:

  1. This is such a fun dress! I love the polka dots and the cut out in the back is beautiful. Nothing wrong with getting lots of wear out of a special piece :)

  2. Beautiful hair and face! Lovely dress and shoes, and I also like the bold yellow cardigan. Sweet style!


  3. You look gorgeous! I love this dress. The back detail is stunning!

  4. Such a lovely, chic dress! I love Anthro.

  5. I love the dress, looks great on you. Can't wait to see your family pics, Tavi must have been a doll she is always smiling at the camera.

  6. This is such a beautiful dress! Lovely choice for the family photos -- it's you're mature yet playful with a serious sense of style. ;)



  7. thanks so much for stopping by, em! just spent some time going through your blog and really enjoyed it. also, you probably get this a lot, but you have incredible hair. here's to hoping we both get the rest we're wishing for during this holiday season :)

  8. I LOVE that dress! Wow. You need to post this on Effortless Anthropologie for the reader's outfits. All of the Anthro community would love to see it modelled so gorgeously.


    1. thank you! I've submitted this post to Roxy, hopefully it makes the cut!

  9. LOVE everything about your outfit!! such a pretty dress and I love the way you've done your hair here too :)
    ps. So happy you commented on my blog and now I've found another Canadian blogger :)

  10. This dress is so wonderful! I love the back detail! The yellow cardigan is the perfect choice of color to wear as a coverup! Will be a lovely new years eve look!


  11. When I saw the first photo, before scrolling further down, I assumed this was a collection of gorgeous professional photos from around the interwebs - but it's YOU, looking fantastic!! You hair is gorgeous and really frames the open back of your dress. Hope you'll share your family photos with us!

  12. Such a cute dress! :) Looks great on you, and the whole look changes instantly by adding a yellow cardigan. Gorgeous styling with curly, tied up hair and all .. Sweet ^^

    I hope you and your whole family will have a beautiful, happy Christmas season. ♥


    (ps. And I'll get back to you about the blog button exchange ..some day ;) Yours has of course been up all this time. :)

  13. Lovely dress! Happy holidays :)


  14. This outfit is too cute! I'm glad that you got to wear it for while. I'm sure it looked great for the professional photos which I hope we get to see!

  15. CUTE! I would have worn this all day, too. I love how you paired it with the yellow, but it's cute on its own, too.

  16. beautiful dress and paired with that yellow cardi you look AMAZING in it, glad you got to wear it more :)

  17. That dress is absolute perfection!!!! :-)

  18. Lovely style and beautiful colors!! I love the entire outfit!!


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