another day, another over-sized vintage coat

Dec 2, 2013

coat Vintage via luxievintage

Over the last week Ottawa got really cold, really fast. It snowed and it's safe to say winter is officially here; time to bust out the winter coats! When this coat arrived in the mail I couldn't get over how heavy the box was, and when I opened it I was not only impressed by the condition of the coat but by how substantial it was. Plus, the shaggy collar! 

The lack of pockets on both sides will take some getting used too - I keep trying to jam my keys into a pocket that's not there and it's throwing me off. Aside from that this vintage number is keeping me warm, and so the vintage coat collecting continues.

10 thoughts:

  1. such an amazing piece, I love love love the collar!

  2. this coat is amazing! so jealous!


  3. I just got a scarf in this shaggy wool! You look fabulous! xx

  4. Your coat looks amazing on you. Looks gorgeous with your hair!


  5. i love this coat!!!!! i need one right now! haha ill admit the pocket thing would kind of be a bit weird at first too! maybe sew in a cellphone pocket on the inner one of the other...could be useful :)

  6. Oooh, this coat would be perfection for winter! Love the shearling lining

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Oh wow! That coat is absolutely amazing!!!

  8. The coat looks amazing on you! So happy to see it found a great home!


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