overalls are pretty good overall

gold cross ring Aldo
long cross necklace Rouse Message to Love
crepe shirt Free People
short cross necklace, overalls, and striped shirt Forever 21
satchel Material Girl
leopard print boots Sam Edelman

Leopard print and stripes, two things my closet seems to be full of and a pretty easy pattern combination to pull off. I tend to choose leopard print footwear and accessories (like these crazy mary janes and these loafers) over articles of clothing but I totally regret passing up a leopard print coat last winter. It was such a deal I should have just gotten it! I was 8 months pregnant and couldn't decide on what size I'd be after the baby, so I didn't get the coat. Regret, regret, regret!!

I tend to wear overalls often because they're another easy thing to wear. They're comfortable and if they're fitted and not denim they can look pretty dressed up. I love these ones but the problem is they're made of rayon and they've stretched out massively since I first put them on this morning. Maybe a cycle in the dryer would fix them?


  1. Ha fabm you do wear the same sam edelman boots I bought in blakc and tan! ;) love your look.

  2. I used to LOVE my overalls when I was younger. I'm digging that the look is coming back, though I'm not sure if I could rock it. I like the way you styled it. :)

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. Yes! Love this and stripes and leopard and gold as well, gorgeous. I have been eyeing a leopard coat at Zara this week...thinking of biting the bullet and getting it:)

  4. This is so cute! layers, lace, leopard print. . . lotsa good stuff that starts with L =) also now I want some overalls

  5. How funny, a friend and I were just talking about overalls this afternoon! You pull them off grandly.

  6. I'm loving it! I just found me some denim overalls. I'm looking for come black leather ones next!!!

    7eventh Letter

  7. Love the outfit! And your accessories too :) Especially that crepe shirt from Free People!

  8. Oh, I love the overalls. I have a denim pair, but I'd love some in black. And those booties are amazing! You look so great!

  9. SO cute!! Way to bring em back!

  10. I am loving those leopard boots! I have never really worn overalls but they look great on you! I might have to give them a try!

  11. I love the crochet top, it's so cute!

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  12. Love this easy breezy outfit and myself am on the look out for a great pair of leo booties. Any suggestions? x

    1. I love these ones which may find their way into my closet:

      I like these desert style boots http://www.zappos.com/aerin-portledge-leopard-printed-suede and these similar ones for a lot less http://www.6pm.com/dv-by-dolce-vita-madge-leopard

      These ones are cute too http://www.6pm.com/vince-camuto-muse2-spotted-brown

      and I just discovered these ones!


  13. looking good in your overalls em k. i like how you added your lace free people crepe blouse with the leopard booties and striped blouse!

  14. these overalls are perfect! love!



  15. What an awesome way to style those overalls! Love the little jacket you've got overtop. Gorgeous!

  16. You make overalls look AMAZING! They always look saggy and weird on me. Love this outfit!

  17. Adorable outfit! Love the slouchy fit and the leopard shoes!

    Choo Choo


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