The Storyboot Project comes to Ottawa

Nov 8, 2013

Remember when I visited the Manitobah Mukluks' headquarters in Gatineau? I touched briefly on their Storyboot Project and the company's commitment to maintaining tradition but didn't go into much detail. Last month I was happy to learn that Manitobah Mukluks partnered with the local boutique Victoire to promote The Storyboot Project

I had an opportunity to visit the store and check out the beautiful display, it was cool to see the handmade mukluks in person, they really are wearable works of art. Each Storyboot is hand-made using traditional materials and methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. The display at Victoire featured items by artists Rosa Scribe (Cree, Norway House), Dorothy Grieves (Cree, Oxford House) and Edna Nabess (Cree, Winnipeg).

One of the things I love about Maniobah Mukluks (besides their many different styles of moccasins) is their commitment to supporting Aboriginal traditions and culture rather than appropriating it. The Storyboots are designed in partnership with Aboriginal artisans from across Canada, which in turn helps Aboriginal communities achieve self-sufficiency and ensures that the traditional way of creating footwear is preserved. The Storyboot initiative is a 50/50 partnership, meaning profits are shared equally between the company and the artists. 

It was great to see the collaboration between Victoire and Manitobah Mukluks and if you missed out on the Storyboots they're still available on-line. I have to say though, photos really don't do these boots justice!

3 thoughts:

  1. Thank you! Oh, what shade is that - sounds nice :) I can't imagine you wouldn't rock the dark lip look! You with your dark hair and those lovely eyes, I think it would look really cool on ya:)
    The boots are really cute and the fact that they're handmade is even better:) What is Norway house? Just curious, I'm from Norway you see;) xxx

  2. Love these! They're beautiful! I love the amazing detail that goes into them. Great story :)

  3. Great blog just discovered ya ! Im also an Ottawa blogger' I had a blast styling these! :) Great to see such stylist people in the Nations capital !! I'll follow you on twitter to keep up with ya :) !!


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