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Nov 17, 2013

Today it was a grey, miserable day in Ottawa, so Jay and I decided to escape the house and headed down town to one of the best places to be on a rainy day: Ahora! It's a tiny place but so bright and cheerful, with the great Latin music playing in the background you can't help but smile the moment you walk through the doors. The food is traditional and fairly healthy (well not the nachos) and there's a salsa bar with lots of different types of salsas and fresh cilantro. They even serve booze if you're inclined to have a cerveza or a margarita with dinner. 

Jay and I got the nachos to start (as usual) and split a plate of tacos and rice; chicken for him, vegetarian for me. Tavi was pretty good during our dinner. She was asleep when we arrived but when she woke up she was so amazed by everything and all the primary colours that she wanted out of her car seat to see it all! She was also fascinated with Jay's taco and it was pretty funny to watch him try and eat it while little hands were trying to sneak a piece.

Things are back to normal at our house, Tavi is done her growth spurt and sleeping through the night. She's close to crawling and it's pretty cool to see all the new things she can do day by day. We're still in the process of introducing new foods and so far the only thing she seemed to hate was apples. So random, I was all excited when I made them too - I was so sure she'd love them but guess not!

I've been thinking a lot about what we eat and what we want to teach Tavi about being healthy. I find we tend to make and eat the same things over and over and it's time to introduce some new meals. I've been seeking out food blogs for new recipes to try and have become obsessed with vegan cooking blogs. So many great ways to incorporate vegetables, I plan on trying this recipe next!

Hope you guys had a great weekend too :)

7 thoughts:

  1. Haha I'm not a fan of apples either. Everyone finds it so strange.

    That restaurant is so cute! Food looks amazing too!

    I've been checking out some vegan recipes too. I won't ever go straight vegan but I like having certain days of the week where I can make vegan meals.

  2. She looks so alert and intrigued by everything. How cute! That food looks amazing, too. I like the idea of eating healthier, but I don't know if I could go vegan. I like my cheeseburgers too much. :)

  3. yummy food!


  4. I have been having that same problem too. I noticed we eat the same meals every week. I guess its time to learn some new recipes and get out of the meal funk I'm in.

  5. Looks like quite the fun place to go on a family outing!!! :-)

  6. Sometimes a night out is just what the doctor ordered. I've been meal planning lately, and man is it helping me get outside of my normal same meals zone.


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