outfit: lumberjack layers

Oct 19, 2013

purse Anthropologie
studded boots Town Shoes
dress Talula (Aritzia)
plaid shirt BDG 
faux fur vest & scarf Forever 21
sunglasses c/o Fantas Eyes

Man, now that fall is here it seems like everyone is obsessed with anything remotely pumpkin flavoured. I mean even McDonald's is advertising their new pumpkin spice latte! I've tried pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins and Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte and the only thing that gets a pass from me is the latte. Nothing really tastes like pumpkin, all that stands out is the nutmeg and clove spices. 

Although I'm not big on pumpkins, one fall trend I do happen to love is plaid. This season plaid shirts seem to be showing up in excessive amounts in stores. It's a bit deja vu of my teenage days, but a plaid button up is definitely a fall wardrobe staple. This is one fashion trend that hasn't changed the second time around; the shirts are still baggy, the prints are pretty much the same and people wear them layered with everything. 

9 thoughts:

  1. really love the look on you! plaid is a real classic that never goes out of fashion.

  2. Man you rock plaid so good! Im jealous, every time i try actually do look like a wood chopper! xE

  3. lovely blog :)

  4. OH yeah, plaid is awesome. I just got out our winter clothes box and found my favorite plaid shirt. I'm even thinking about pulling one of my husband's out and trying to make it work in a baggy-chic way, lol. we'll see! Love those boots, too!

  5. I'm with you with the pumpkin flavored stuff, it doesn't really excite me. However, I LOVE plaid and think the way you layered it with the black and white print and the fur is amazing. Gorgeous!

  6. love the red plaid and the contrast with the scarf. perfect!!!

  7. I love the plaid shirt and how you styled it! Have you tried pumpkin spice M&Ms? Those are delicious — and incredibly hard to find here, which makes me want them all the more. :)

  8. Love everything, but especially those boots!

  9. that scarf is so cute!!



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