Sunday Series/Family Life: it's time for solid foods!

Sep 29, 2013

For the longest time I've been looking forward to introducing Tavi to actual food. I knew that I wanted to make her food from scratch so she'd be exposed to a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables from the get go. I didn't really know where to start so I asked my friend who's son just turned one for advice. She made all his baby food herself and recommended this book, which I have been using and love! 

I like how it's not just a bunch of recipes and pretty pictures, it explains what babies need to thrive in their first year of life and why. Plus it's really simple to follow and has useful tips like you should use a food mill (totally had to google what that was) instead of a hand mixer when pureeing potatoes so that they're smooth instead of gluey. The whole premise of the book is that fresh foods are a healthier, more flavourful option than commercially jarred ones and can help develop your baby's taste buds.

After reading through the book last week I was excited to actually
 start making baby food! This morning I went to Brewer Park Market with my Mom (she was up for the weekend to watch Tavi while we went to a friend's wedding) and picked up fresh heirloom carrots, butternut squash and sweet potatoes to start making Tavi's baby food this afternoon. Tavi tried carrots for the first time today...

and she wasn't sure what to make of them so we'll try again tomorrow! 

If you're like me and enjoy reading about what other mom's feed their little ones you should check out James' Bird Food series and Drea's What Marlowe Eats.

12 thoughts:

  1. Have you heard of the Baby Bullet? It's this blender system that makes it really easy to blend up baby food in individual containers. I know a lot of my friends really like it.

  2. Starting "real" food is such a fun and interesting experience. We're still discovering so many things and I love the facial expressions when they taste something for the first time :)

  3. Yay! Trying "real" food is so fun. Seth entered that stage right around this time of year, which is the best time for eating if you ask me!

  4. It's time already?! omgosh!! We made/make our own baby foods also! It's been great. Ian isn't a big eater just yet, but it is fun making baby version of our foods!

  5. I'm having issues with your link and I'm dying to know what book that is for when my baby's ready! I absolutely want to make her food myself and not have to rely on commercially jarred food if I don't have to! I have a food processor- do you think I need to get a food mill, too?

    1. The book is called top 100 baby purees by Annabel karmel. I'm sure you'd be ok with just a food processor but a food mill might make some recipes easier. The book made a point of saying using a food mill for pureeing certain foods like corn makes it easier for babies to digest.

      i haven't tried many recipes yet but down the road as I make more things I'd be better able to answer your questions! For now that's my 2 cents!

  6. Wow, it's already time for real food? Times are flying! And your girl is so cute!

  7. Oh this is too cute! I love the first pic of apprehension and then she tastes it and she's like "not so bad!" and then afterwards, looks like she is saying "that was quite yummy! Thank you mommy!!!"
    Too cute! Congrats on starting solids. That's awesome!

  8. When my kids were small I made all their own food. When we went out for dinner to a family or friends I brought along a portable grinder.

  9. The look on Tavi's face in that last picture is priceless.

    YAY for new milestones and form making your own food for the baby. You go girl

  10. awwww. tavi looks like her daddy jay with her mommy's eyes. i know you want the best for her, and it must be great fun discovering what that is. :)


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