outfit: printed pants

Aug 1, 2013

ikat jeans Zara
clogs Jeffery Campbell
purse Rebecca Minkoff
oversized t-shirt Wilfred (Aritzia)
blouse & sunglasses Free People

I know there's been a lot of outfit photos on the blog lately, I try and space them out but to be honest I love clothes and these posts are fun to do! Besides it's nice to be able to share my outfits with the internet, I feel like you guys appreciate a well placed belt or some subtle pattern mixing a lot more than say the guy behind the counter at the post office. This is a pretty standard outfit for me, it has all my favourite components. Neutral colours, a little bit of lace and some layers. I think that description sums up just about every outfit on this blog!

*** the winner of last week's giveaway is entry #38, Montana. Enjoy your new shoes! ***

21 thoughts:

  1. I love the print pants! I'm not "brave" enough to wear them myself yet. PS: I think you have a good balance of diverse outfit posts.


  2. I must must must know where you got the lace top from!!!!!!!

    1. it's from Free People, still on their website!

  3. I love your outfit posts. You always look amazing! This outfit is no exception. Those pants are awesome. And those SHOES!!! Swoon! You are so good at layering. I can never make it look this good. :)

  4. Your clogs and blouse are gorgeous! I love the rustic look of them both.


  5. I love Free People! I've always wondered how someone would pull of a printed pant, but you did it! I love the color combo- the black, cream, and light brown leather. Looks great!

  6. Oh wow, this outfit is amazing. you are offically the most stylish new mommy ever. I love the printed pants with the lace cardigan and all of the layers and woooow, your hair is stunning! (Those clogs are pretty amazing as well, Jeffery Campbell does some amazing shoes aside from the overly popular Litas.)

  7. Those pants are SO cute! You look amazing as usual! :)

  8. Seriously, I love every SINGLE outfit you post:) We are "inner hippie child" twins....and I need your sunnies and shoes!

  9. I love your outfit posts, definitely keep them coming! x


  10. Printed pants are my favorite. :-)

  11. Oh, you look so cute! I love the lace. love. it. And rock those neutrals, girl. Also post all the time. ;)

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! I'm following you on blogspot now, so expect more stalking from me.




  12. really a wonderful outfit and we definitely appreciate your outfit posts!

  13. Girl I love your outfits. You post with such a flare! Post all you want boo! Love the pants.

  14. Very cool look! I really love the printed pants! Love the way you layered this outfit!


  15. you won't hear a peep outta me - i adore when you post your outfit pics. you've got the greatest knack for putting pieces together and i love seeing the looks you come up with! this one's awesome, those pants are killer girl. makes me want to swoop into a mall asap for some retail therapy of the patterned variety :) the sunnies are pretty rad too! ♥

  16. we definitely appreciate the details of your styling dear em k!

  17. So excited that I won!!! Thank you so much! This outfit is too cute btw.

  18. Keep them coming! I adore your style!

  19. I love how your lace top is worn with an open front here, and a few posts later, it's flipped around (eagle eyes here). I LOVE all the outfit posts. I'm really really bummed I have not had time for outfit photos at all this summer. I feel like I missed a whole season :( I've been trying to keep track of my fave work outfits from the past few weeks and hope to photograph them all in one go so I can get back up and running!


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