Etsy Love - So Many Treasures!

Aug 6, 2013

I think we can all agree that Etsy is kind of a dangerous place, you go on the site and before you know it half an hour's gone by and the number of items in your shopping card it a bit ridiculous! Or maybe that's just me? My favourites list is becoming huge and unmanageable and my online cart is pretty full. With the exception of eBay I'm not an impulse shopper, I often add a bunch of things to my online cart and then narrow it down after thinking about things for a few days. There are so many treasures on Etsy I thought I'd share some of the things I'm loving right now.

Row 1:
Coin Necklace, such a deal - almost half the price of this one!
Navajo Print Fabric, perfect for making accent pillows
Delicate Cross Necklaces, perfect for layering (my favourite!)

Row 2:
Pendleton Satchel, lovelovelove
Dainty Stackable Bracelets, more pieces perfect for layering
Aztec Print iPhone Case, inexpensive way to update your iPhone case (I like this case too)

Row 3:
Arrow Head Necklace, I like the unfinished look of these ones
Pendleton Clutch, cheaper alternative to the satchel
Old Pawn Navajo Ring, I find it's better to buy this type of jewellery on eBay (most the Etsy prices are out of control) but this one isn't too unreasonable

So there you go. Some of my many favourites from Etsy :)

12 thoughts:

  1. Oh my! I love all of it! Etsy is dangerous for me too. I could hang out on Etsy all day if I had the time.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That iPhone case just made my jaw drop, it's so gorgeous. Just don't forget my birthday is coming soon, ok? ;)

    1. That was my fave too! ;) I need that in my life!!

  3. that clutch is gorgeous!! and that mother-in-law lent me one just like that to wear as my borrowed and blue item at our wedding, and i have been searching for a similar one ever since!

  4. All the jewellery pieces are beautiful....especially like the statement coin necklace!!!!


  5. I love etsy! It has been a great platform for me! If you ever wanted one of my designs for a feature I would be happy to send one along! ;)

    PS Thank you for the comment via my blog! ;)


  6. Ummm you found some BEAUTIFUL pieces! And the phone cover... LOVE it!
    Etsy is so dangerous. What did we do for shopping before it?! :) ha!

  7. Love the iPhone case!
    See you at the closet

  8. I love that satchel! I've been looking for something to carry when I don't have Noah with me. Something to put just s wallet, my phone, and keys in. I love the design and style- great find!


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