outfit: denim & a little bit of lace

Jul 15, 2013

shoes - Jeffrey Campbell + Free People
dress and necklace - Forever 21
navajo stud flame purse - Rebecca Minkoff
denim jacket - Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

I really miss doing regular outfit posts! It’s been hard to find time with Jay’s new work schedule so I’m trying to come up with other options. I prefer to take photos outside when we're out doing stuff, but maybe I’ll have to go the 'ol tripod in the living room route. I realized recently how useful other people’s outfit photos are and it's part of the reason I want to continue doing them. 

Whenever I’m considering ordering something online not only do I read the reviews but I google the item and look at how personal style bloggers have worn it. It's a great way to see how something fits on a regular person as opposed to a super tall, super lean model! Plus the whole creativity aspect - it's cool to see how other people wear things. I recently read this post that really resonated with me on how style and blogging evolves as your life changes. Blogging is a great way to look back and analyze what works and what doesn't. Yes sometimes I look back at posts and cringe, but I'm glad those posts are there so I don't repeat the same mistakes!

In other news I have a really amazing giveaway coming up this Wednesday from one of my favourite companies, so be sure to stop by and enter! Hint, their name starts with an M!

19 thoughts:

  1. nice look!i like your necklace very much :D

  2. Love the denim jacket! The back of it has my DIY brain goin' 900 miles a minute. :) Super fun!

  3. Ah this jacket! In love! I have this same style in a regular denim button-down style and I honestly forgot I had it till yesterday! Time to pull it out! Thanks for the reminder, mama! ;)

  4. Totally agree on outfit posts, they are so inspiring and helpful when it comes to online shopping! really love that dress on you!

  5. Hey,
    this jacket is amazing! :)


  6. Lovely outfit! I love wearing a denim jacket with a pretty dress.


  7. Hi there! Lovely outfit, your denim jacket is gorgeous!!

  8. I love this outfit, every single piece is perfection! I love seeing how other regular people dress because it gives me inspiration.

  9. I miss your outfit posts too. I just really adore your style! I just wish I could pull off the look like you do!

    I do the same thing. I'm obviously not a fashion blogger but I enjoy fashion so I'm often googling clothing I like to see if a blogger has worn it, etc.

    Hope you figure out something that works for you that way you continue posting your outfits.

  10. em k, your style makes you one of my fave fashion bloggers to get inspiration from! that's the truth. i know you've been super busy being supermom with little tavi. i sometimes still cringe at my own outfits, after i look at them through photographs. i don't have hardly any photos of me as a teen. i'm sure what i wore then, would crack me up now.

  11. Loving the dress and the way it fits you so well. You look amazing, definitely lost all the baby weight

  12. Sometimes is kind of scary to look at past outfit posts!
    You are looking great in this outfit and I always love how you mix textures and your accessories.

  13. I love the denim jacket! Oh, and the necklace is fantastic! I like how it contrasts with the white dress.

  14. you are just so pretty! seriously! i love this outfit...a perfect mix of romantic and tough!

  15. girl, you're gorgeous!

    i love the dress. i basically live in my denim jacket so you know i love that ;]

  16. I love this outfit! And you look great! I love mixing casual pieces like a jean jacket with something a bit more formal or feminine. I'm really trying to break out of my comfort zone when it comes to fashion and I think I'm not doing so well! Looking forward to finding inspiration here!

  17. Hey girl! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    This is outfit is adorable, loving the laid back glam look. :)

  18. Love your dress, super pretty :)

    Ruth x


  19. I love the fabric insert in the back of your denim jacket. I think the back of clothing is really overlooked by designers.


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