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Jul 6, 2013

you can bet I won't be leaving these beautiful beaded moccasins unlocked at the gym!
I love moccasins and mukluks, and have a bad habit of wearing them until I'm forced to part with them. Usually it's because I've completely worn them out, but in one instance it was because someone stole them from the locker room while I was at the gym. Yes some desperate soul stole my old, worn out soaking wet mukluks. Lesson learned, even filthy footwear is up for grabs if it's not locked up! I've been looking for a replacement pair ever since.

Previously the only place I knew where to get hand-made/Canadian moccasins and mukluks was at the Trading Post in Sault Ste Marie. Since I don't visit Northern Ontario that often anymore (I used to go once a year) I'm SO pumped that I discovered Manitobah! Beautiful, beautiful pieces and since they're Canadian it was pretty easy to order moccasins online from them, I can't say that's always the case when trying to have stuff shipped to Canada.

I appreciate the ethos of the Manitobah company, they're trying to revive the art of making handcrafted footwear through their storyboot project and a quick visit to their website shows they value the artists working for them. I'm really happy with the moccasins I got and love many of the other things on their website too!

deerskin purse and handcrafted moccasin storyboots

Also - this is not a sponsored post, I just really like the company :)

10 thoughts:

  1. Love love LOVE the mocs!


  2. Oh my goodness! I love moccasins! Have three pairs of Minnetonka! I love the colored Harvester booties! Might have to get them! How do they fit?

    1. They fit true to size, I'm a size 9 post-pregnancy (which sucks because most my shoes don't fit anymore) and the 9 in manitobah fits me perfectly. They're also super comfortable, they partnered with the running company vibram to design the soles and it shows.

  3. Really love them, will be looking for something similar in Barcelona, they have amazing stores that sell handmade ones! Shame on the thief who stole your previous pair!

  4. I love these!! I am a BIG moccasin person -- I live in them all year. But these beauties are unique. They are like shoe-booties. Love, love, love.

  5. That deerskin purse is gorgeous -- and I love moccasins! I wore out a pair of mine, too, and I never replaced them. These look so comfortable, and I love that they're handmade.

  6. These are so marvelous and they do look comfortable. Also thanks for the link.

  7. em k, i'm sorry someone stole your shoes. :p i'm still astounded by others' behavior. glad you've found a good company where you can get another pair! :)

  8. I love those!!! They look so comfortable I would never want to wear anything else!


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