Artist du Jour: Lisa Congdon

Jul 11, 2013

 I'm really digging these folky paintings by artist Lisa Congdon. I love the stark contrast of the cold, harsh winter landscape and the warm, colourful tapestries that make their way into her pictures. Her Nordic inspired work feels homey and has a childlike element to it. As usual when I come across an artist whose work I fall in love with, I want to know the whole story of how they came to create. I found great this interview, and it's obvious she's pretty down to earth and humble.
I would love to have some of her work in my house, the only thing is - where to put them?!!
you can purchase reprints of her work here and originals here

12 thoughts:

  1. Oh I love these! The deer one would look fab in my new kitchen xx

    Girl About Chelts

  2. These are great- I love the last one the most! I know some people who change the artwork in their homes depending on the seasons. These would be something I would probably only hang in the winter.

    1. that's such a good idea, it's definitely a winter photo!

  3. i find her lovely artwork happy and calming. wonderful interview too! i'm glad she found her way in the art world, and her bliss. it's interesting how it all came about. her mom also sounds awesome.

  4. These are AWESOME! Right up my alley! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Well gosh these are amazing...! Love the one of the trees! Incrediable!


  6. I love those folky paintings! They are great! :)

  7. These are so gorgeous- great find!

  8. I do love her use of color and texture and how alive the fabric and the animals look.
    Thanks for the link, I'm always interesting in learning about female artist.
    Have a great weekend,

  9. love, love, love that second print!


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