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Jun 18, 2013

Even though Tavi is a pretty awesome sleeper for a 2 month old (she sleeps for 5 to 6.5 hour stretches at night) there are times when I get up with her and can't fall back asleep. Last night was one of those nights and I found myself on eBay searching through pages and pages of beautiful silver and turquoise jewellery looking for something to add to my collection. There were so many beautiful pieces on there for a fraction of the store price I found myself feverishly trying to place the winning bid on a couple vintage Native American bracelets. I forgot how stressful eBay can be when a bunch of other people want the same thing as you! Even though I lost my first auction there were other great listings and I managed to snag a few things.

From my search results I wondered what the difference was between petit point and needle point jewellery (a description included in most listings) and learned it had to do with the shape of the stones. The needlepoint style is made up of long narrow stones where as the petit point style has stones that were more of a tear-drop shape. Both styles are beautiful in different ways and I searched for both when looking for pieces to add to my watch list. I'm still coveting a squash blossom necklace (out of my price range), but for now I'll make due with some turquoise bracelets and rings! Here are a few items that caught my eye;

For those of you who are thinking of searching eBay for other Navajo/Zuni treasures, here's a great guide on how to evaluate and authenticate Navajo and Zuni jewellery. Good luck, and my fingers are crossed we don't end up bidding on the same items!!

6 thoughts:

  1. Beautiful pieces! I have recently been on a ebay frenzy as well, and I sometimes take it personally when people outbid me on things I really wanted! haha I'd love to see the pieces you end up getting!


  2. Oh, thanks for that guide, really a great thing! Love Native American jewelry

  3. Love this jewels! The color is really perfect.
    See you in the closet

  4. Love this post, turquoise is one of my favorite stones as well. I tend to avoid eBay for that reason; I don't have the patience to bid and wait on items I want, haha.

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  5. Great guide, it's always a good idea to find out if you are getting the real thing.
    I own a few pieces, one is a ring from my Colorado and the other one is a cuff that was a gift to me from an old friend.


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