GUEST POST: Happy Mother's Day!

May 12, 2013

*** Gentri is one of the first people I "met" blogging and one of the nicest out there. I can't count how many times she's helped me with blogging related questions and encouraged me to try new things. Although she's not a mother yet, I know it's something that she looks forward to and I thought her guest post would be perfect on this special day***

my mom, sisters, and myself

I am not a mom, yet, but I hope to one day be. Family to me, is everything. I truly believe that families can be together forever and that a mother can make all the difference in the world- literally.

I have always loved children. My favorite jobs have been teaching dance and nannying. Then there are my nieces and nephew(s), they're my best friends. I seriously love them and would do anything for them. These jobs and friends/ family members are such great preparation for the future. I hope that they have given me qualities that will make me a great mom.

Being a mom is a huge responsibility, but not only that, it's fun! Kids are hilarious and are always my favorite people. Plus, I'm kind of a child myself. Disney, gold fish crackers, and fruit snacks are some of my favorite things. There's a reason kids and I get along so well. I'm so excited for my life to be about raising someone else, not just myself. haha!

Thank you, to all moms out there. You are going to mean the world to your children and influence them like nothing and no one else can or will.


4 thoughts:

  1. Welcome Gentri! I am right there with you girl and we will get there one day! Happy Mother's Day to you all the same! As a few of my blog friends pointed out, all our roles as God Mothers, Aunties, Mentors..count!

    1. I totally agree! Thank you, Joi!

      Thank you, Em! So fun to do this guest post!

    2. God mothers, aunties and mentors are really important in both mom & baby's life :) I can't tell you how many times I've called my sister asking for advice!

      and you're welcome G!


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