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Apr 28, 2013

 2.5 weeks old/wide awake/afternoon nap/adorable little arms/diaper bag instead of a purse/sleepy girls

Thank goodness for moms and their helping hands! This week my mom came up to help us out which meant:

I had a chance to wash my hair!
I got some sleep!
the housework got done!
we ate actual meals!
I learned a million things about looking after a baby!

This week was all about learning; trying different types of diapers to see which brand fit Tavi the best, getting to know Tavi's cues and needs, learning how to fight the urge to stare at her little face in order to get things done. Since Tavi is still too young to have any sort if routine it's pretty much anything goes, respond to her needs.

The help my mom has given us has been great. She leaves tonight and I'm a bit  nervous, but she's shown me the ropes and I think I can do this! Jay's here to help too obviously, but he works and this is our first child so everything is new to both of us. I predict many phone calls home for advice!

19 thoughts:

  1. So beautiful! its so wonderful to read how you are learning to enjoy and understand your baby!

  2. she is adorable :)! i love it when my mom is here visiting too.

  3. Arn't moms the best?! Good luck and I know you and Jay will do just fine! I say stare and enjoy all the little moments with Tavi, the house chores can wait.

  4. Do what feels right and go with your gut. Mommy instincts are nothing to mess with. You can definitely do this! But I'm glad your mom was around to show you the ropes :)


    p.s: TAVI is gorgeous. She looks alot like you!

  5. Your Sunday series is definitely a new favorite. I lurk every Sunday to see the new post :). I just love seeing baby pictures.

    Your mom is going to be the best support you'll probably have through this motherhood thing. Enjoy it to the fullest.

    PS - Motherhood looks good on you. You look happy and content. So happy for you and Tavi. She is one lucky girl

  6. Oh, my mom! I don't think I would have made it through if it weren't for my mom.

    Tavi is beautiful! And yes, wow! She looks like you! How many times did your mom say that looking at her is just like looking at you as a baby?

    How is breastfeeding going? Don't give up. It can be really hard at first, a learning experience for both of you.

    1. my mom & some of my aunts keep telling me how much she looks like me as a baby!

      breastfeeding has not been going well. Tavi had a bad reaction to the antibiotics I was on (even though they are safe for breastfeeding) so I had to give her formula. I have been pumping but the antibiotics really did a number on me and my milk supply.

  7. When I have a child I think I'll build a special wing for my mom to come and live in. Your mom sounds awesome. Tavi has some great genetics-- you make a lovely mother! Have a great week and good luck!


  8. i called my mom all the time. and the nurse line, too. you will get the hang of it soon enough. the fact that you are aksing for help and advice proves that you are a wonderful mom! you both are beautiful, by the way!

  9. Grands are so Grand! So glad you had some assistance!

  10. so glad you're mom was there to help you. beautiful photos em k!

  11. OMG! I´m so happy for you! you look so beautiful with that tiny happiness in your arms! the best for you from now on, doll! and even when you became a mom, i know you will keep that awesome boho style alive! now stop reading and go enjoy that sweetie!

  12. Mothers :) what will we do without them? You look so beautiful and happy.

  13. She is so beautiful! You are already a wonderful mother :)

  14. You two are precious! I'm sure your mom was just loving helping you out :)

  15. omg she is absolutely gorgeous and you look fantastic!! I remember how much of a help my mom was after my son was born even if it was sometimes just support over the phone! love moms! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  16. Moms are great! I don't know what I would do without mine... and even my boyfriend's mother has been a great help. Enjoy your little girl. She is absolutely precious.


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