Wed by Hand, Ottawa's Indie Wedding Show

Feb 10, 2013

Even though Jay and I are entertaining the idea of going away for our wedding (currently considering Thailand or Spain with the intention of staying an extra week or so to travel), I still want to gather up ideas because nothings set in stone yet. Earlier today I went to Ottawa' s indie wedding show Wed By Hand with my friend Hope. Pregnancy brain meant I got my dates mixed up and showed up at her house yesterday all ready to go, better a day early then a day late I suppose!

I wasn't sure what to expect of this wedding show, I'd gone to a different show years ago when helping my sister plan her wedding and the two things I remember were the absolute insanity of hundreds of brides crammed in a small space and how although everything was pretty nothing there was my taste. 

This show was different, even though there were lots of people, things were pretty mellow. There was no pushing and shoving and the vendors were eager to talk to you. I liked the general aesthetic used by most of the vendors. Hope and I went to a couple of workshops where I got a list of planning resources and learned about stuff like guerrilla weddings. I found a couple talented photographers who travel for weddings and got a few decorating ideas... for my apartment! It was a fun afternoon and between all the cupcakes, hors d'oeuvres and candy I don't think I'll need to eat dinner tonight! 

The afternoon got me really excited to start planning our wedding :)

15 thoughts:

  1. That cake is beautiful. And looks delicious too


    1. I agree, the cake and all of the natural decorations and flowers look beautiful. Why spend so much in a weeding, all you need is each other, close family and a court document!

  2. I'm loving this look. So love the addition of the felt hearts to the paper straws :)

  3. really a nice idea with going away and travel in another country!

  4. I also have so many ideas for our wedding but still nothing concret. thanks for this inspiration!

  5. Such a sweet set up! I really love these as the color combos, peaches are so lovely :)

  6. Awww...I wanted to go soooo bad! :( Didn't make it! We should get together one dsy for coffee and talk.....everything :)


  7. i love this look too.
    and going away to thailand or spain is such a tempting idea.

  8. This is beautiful! I love the coral! So glad you commented on my blog so I can follow along in your wedding planning! (I love the Spain idea!)


  9. I'm dying over these pics! Love the way the flowers are arranged in the first two pics. We had lace like that around the flower jars at our wedding :)


  10. glad it wasn't crazy. those treats look so yummy. i hope you got to taste some of them. ;)

  11. This inspiration board looks amazing. I am so excited about following along your wedding planning journey.

  12. Beautiful photos! Wed by Hand is always so great for wedding inspiration.

    Kate xo

  13. I want to get married again looking at these picture. i can't wait to see your wedding planning journey.

  14. Aaaakkk!! How did I not know about this? This post looks like my wedding pinterest board. Darn it! Glad you enjoyed yourself and I can't wait to hear about your wedding planning. I'm sure it's going to be so beautiful and creative.


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