nothing fancy, just sweats and a tee

Jan 7, 2013

sweatshirt Lululemon
t-shirt Club Monaco
skirt Wilfred (Aritzia)
boots Jessica Simpson
hat Urban Outfitters
purse Zara

I'd be willing to bet that most Canadians have a lot of Lululemon in their closet. Unlike most people who wear the yoga gear as everyday clothes (pet peeve), mine's strictly for the gym. The only exception being this sweatshirt that doesn't scream workout clothes but rather perfect layering piece! 

Speaking of workout gear, I've really been missing my regular workout routine lately because walking and yoga is just not the same as running and lifting weights. I had to change my entire routine to accommodate my growing belly (and the strain it's placing on my back) by the second trimester. I'm really looking forward to getting back to running in the spring. Hopefully I'll have the energy to do it after the little one gets here!

30 thoughts:

  1. beautiful pictures! and good luck for your running!

  2. you are SOOO beautiful! love the skirt worn like that!

  3. really an amzing outfit! the bag and the hat add the boho vibe to it. Wishing you loads of energy for your little one and your workout routine. xx

  4. Such a cute outfit, you are so cute!! :)

  5. um totally LOVE this look!!!!!
    that fringe bag is killer.
    you look amazing!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  6. Your heartfelt words of encouragement are so appreciated. Thank you! You look adorable in this outfit. Love the hat and that bag is to die for! Love the backdrop of these photos :)


  7. You are so adorable, I just love your styling. The pregnancy is looking great on you!

  8. Aw. This is so cute. Keep up the great mommy outfits :)

  9. awesome hat!

    i must be the only canadian who doesn't own any lululemon lol

  10. Great outfit, and I am loving the bag and hat. Thanks for your comment on my blog (I responded in the comments section) - so far the wardrobe challenge has been easy (empire waist 90s dresses from Etsy are working the best), but I imagine it will get harder as time goes on. You look wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing your journey progress!
    P.S. I must be the second only Canadian who doesn't own any lulu lemon! Xo

  11. Beautifully simple - I like how the simplicity of this outfit really highlights details like the fringed bag and necklace. :)
    I never thought I'd enjoy running, but it's something I like to do now. Best of luck getting back into it after baby's arrival!

  12. You are rocking your pregnancy outfits so hard. Even though you're in simple sweats, you still look really awesome...definitely the accessories that helps make it fancier!


  13. I am digging the bag and cross pendant. Your bump is looking fabulous and I love the way you dress it up. There is snow around you and you are not even wearing stockings, you are so brave. I would be freezing my a** of.

  14. em k, you look darling in your hippie like outfit of cuteness! just think, your little one will be here before you know it. i bet the time passes quickly. ;)

  15. Adorable! Your bump is getting big! So cute. I can relate: My back is killing me.

  16. Oh my word you look so cute!!! Love the outfit, and bump :)

  17. Hi there Katherine. Thanks for finding my blog & stopping by. So let me introduce myself, I am Ada.

    What a cute & bohemian outfit. The hat looks great & your bump is cute!

    Awww I am glad I found another mom-to-be NICE!! Yes, I think it is necessary for a first-time pregnant mom especially to get some Professional Pregnancy Photos taken. When are you due? =) Boy or Girl?

    Hope we follow & support each-other. =)

    1. I'm due this April and we're having a little girl :) I will be getting maternity photos done, I think it's important too!

  18. You look so beautiful & boho chic ♥ Gorgeous mama really. :) Heh!

    Indie by heart

  19. You are my style inspiration from now on :)

  20. I'm new to your blog, and i must say if i ever get prego, you're my fashion inspiration!

  21. so, so cute!!!! and YES girl, the Lulu's are right there waiting for me in the drawer for workouts or loungy times...they have totally amped up the ability to be wearable everywhere else though. i was doing some xmas shopping and saw the greatest jackets, almost scooped one up but gotta wait till the cash flow stabilizes ;)

    you're keeping in fantastic shape, i have no doubt you'll pick up right where you left off after baby arrives pretty momma!! ♥

  22. you look amazing!! Love your outfit!! I would love to own lulu lemon, but cannot justify the price...yet hahaha

  23. Such a cute look! Love how you added the hat and fringe bag!


  24. Oh you look beautiful! Blooming I suppose they would say. You really look so happy, pregnancy suits you!

    Daisy Dayz
    New Alternate Day Diet Blog

  25. I love how you look like a safari girl meets the wild west in the dead of our dreaded winter.

  26. You look so lovely in this outfit

  27. Oh people in the States wear Lululemon all the time! I am also not a fan of wearing your workout clothes outside of working out but you can definitely mix them into your everyday style. Plus you're preggers so you need stretchy clothes :)


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