black & white and lace & stripes

Nov 26, 2012

boots Nine West
skirt & striped sweater Club Monaco
black tank/dress BCBG
purse SeaEcho
necklaces Forever 21

Another chill weekend has come and gone, still holding off on decorating or listening to Christmas music until December 1st. Even though it snowed the tiniest bit on Saturday it didn't stick around which I'm kind of bummed about. Snow makes everything more festive and even though it's a huge pain to get up earlier to scrape off the car and leave with enough time to deal with not so great road conditions, you've got to love the first major snow fall of the year. It's just so pretty :)
These days wardrobe options are becoming increasingly limited. Dresses are turning into tops, leggings are now pants. My favourite Zepplin t-shirt no longer fits. Creativity with a limited number of pieces is where it's at. Tights are not required because I'm always SO HOT! I can't imagine what it's like to be pregnant during the sweltering summer months. Thank god for  cold weather, elastic waistbands, stretchy fabrics and fun accessories!

22 thoughts:

  1. Your wardrobe may be limited, but you look amazing!

  2. haha, great sense of humor, hun! you look fab!

  3. You look so cute! My 2nd was born at the end of July - I'm pretty sure I was unbearable to be around. :)

  4. LOVE the stripes with the lace! I hear that pregnant women are always feeling like it's too hot. I also wonder how people can stand being pregnant in the summer!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  5. em k, you look fantastic! your outfit reminds me a sienna miller look, when she was pregnant, except hers was more casual, & yours is more dressed up. i think snow is pretty. when i'm inside. when i'm driving in it, not so much.

  6. i think by the end of my first pregnancy, i was wearing yoga pants to do what you have to!!! you look amazing, though, so i don't think you need to worry!

  7. Ahhh, I lived in the maternity jeans from Old Navy. And by this time I was a beast. At least you still look stylish and gorgeous!

  8. Being pregnant during the summer was tough! I much preferred being pregnant in the winter! You look adorable. One of the most stylist pregnant ladies ever!

  9. You look fantastic! Such a funky look!

    Kate xo

  10. how completely adorable are you?! cutest to-be momma of the year award much? gosh, that's a rockstar combo of accents if i ever did see one. you look ahhh-mazing!!

    i almost ducked out of a store the other day b/c it had xmas music on and like waiting to open a present i want my ears to remain clear until Dec 1st too :) totally get that and although we're no where near snow fall skies i do dream it will magically appear one morning. it really is so pretty in the sunshine. fingers crossed we'll both get our wishes! ♥

  11. I love that sweater on you with your cute baby bump!

  12. You are possibly the most stylish pregnant girl I've ever seen :) Love that necklace!

  13. You look beautiful! That lace skirt looks great and I love your boots!
    Came here hopping from Girls love fried pickles. Do stop over my blog too sometime and if you like, do follow too! :)

  14. You look great! And I love your style.
    While pregnant, leggings do become your best friend, until you cave and buy maternity pants... Even though the styles for the maternity clothes are limited, they are beyond confortable.

  15. The lace on that skirt is gorgeous!

    I'm always cold... maybe I should get pregnant. Then I could feel my toes!

  16. You look do beautiful! Pregnancy makes you feel hot? OMG what will i do when I'm preggers?? I feel hot all the time anyway and I live in India!!!! When are you due love??

    1. the official due date is April 14th, though I suspect my actual due date is a few weeks earlier!

  17. You look adorable!!!! What an exciting time for you! I love the lace and the stripes combo and your necklace :)

    xx Katrina

  18. you look so fab! I just found your blog and had to stop and say congrats! Motherhood is the best!

  19. You are the cutest preggo ever! Love this outfit!!

  20. super cute outfit, i love it! what a cute pregnant mama you are!!!!



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