Ruben Ireland, Artist Du Jour

Jun 2, 2012

Sometime next month I'm going to undertake the task of redoing my bedroom. After wavering back and forth between colour schemes and going through folders of saved interiors I love, I've decided on chocolate brown walls paired with black, white and grey.

I'm a big fan of hanging prints done by lesser known artists (remember these black and white portrait sketches?) and the one above by Ruben Ireland a graphic artist and illustrator based out of London, caught my eye. The plan for wall art in my bedroom is to mix black and white prints and personal photos of different sizes together, all in black picture frames. Hopefully the ideas in my head translate well into real life! 

 Edit:This is what the bedroom looks like now, it has teal walls, not brown. The Ruben Ireland 'Hold On' print is hanging in the dining room, it ended up being way too big for the bedroom!

7 thoughts:

  1. I think this is a great idea for decor... black and white art is classic!

    Lots of Love,

  2. Love that idea! That pic looks awesome!

  3. em k, if you decorate as well as you style your clothes, i don't think you'll have a problem, at all. now we are definitely going to want to see what it looks like when you finish decorating, pretty please! ;)

  4. I think the color scheme that you've chosen will look fantastic in your bedroom. Maybe you can share photos when your all done. Good luck with the redecorating!

  5. That seems like a wonderful interior design idea... Loving it!


  6. Oh we worked on renovations on our house this week. Alot of cussing. I decided to not supervise and stay out of it. I designed it and walked away.

  7. That's a great color combo. Will you be adding splashes of brighter colors? Like for a pillow case or throw blanket?


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