Disturbia, Henry Tsui's Friendly Fire Exibit

Jun 20, 2012

The exhibit that left the biggest impression and creeped me and Jay out the most on Saturday was the Howie Tsui’s Friendly Fire exhibit (on display at the Agnes Etherington Art Center). It was so intense and disturbing, yet it left you in awe. Howie’s interpretation of health care during the war of 1812 was graphic and nauseating, and sadly an accurate portrayal of the times. It made me extremely grateful for the advances of modern science and medical care!  Friendly Fire was a macabre exhibit, despite the fact Howie used some fun mediums like a pinball machine that actually worked (Musketball!) to conveyed his vision. 
The dimly lit room that housed the deerskin hides with cartoon sketches of the horrible things soldiers did to themselves to get out of fighting was by far the most graphic part of the collection. The sketches were based on actual accounts from battlefield surgeon's journals, which made the entire display even more unsettling. 
open the pic in a new tab to enlarge and see the sketches in detail.

FYI, it's pretty gory!!

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