Jun 11, 2012

On Saturday Jay and I headed downtown and ended up having lunch at one of my favourite places The Green Door. There is no menu, just a huge buffet that changes from day to day and you pay according to how much  your plate weighs. Even though I've heard that other restaurants do this, it's the first place I've eaten at that does and I'm fascinated by the concept! 

It was no surprise that the line-up was out the door when we got there, the place is located right across from a busy farmers market. It was worth the wait because it's one of the best (vegetarian) restaurants in the city. Even though Jay jokes about vegetarian/vegan food being bland, I'm pretty sure he likes this place; he always seems to have things on his plate that he insists I try!

This is what I wore, a lot of jewellery and a sweater with a bunch of stuff going on in the back.

sweater & bangle Anthropologie
necklace & studded wristlet F21
shoes Steve Madden
shorts Wilfred (Aritzia)
lace top Talula (Aritzia)

27 thoughts:

  1. Hiii love the out fit but ur sandals there beautiful hope u have great monday

  2. The Green Door sounds great! I love finding good veggie restaurants. I also love your tops- lace is so pretty and feminine!


  3. i don´t know how you manage it to look everyday that great! what an amazing cardigan and the collar is preciouss!

  4. I love that peekaboo sweater! It shows off your lace in front and back :) Your necklace is such an amazing piece.

  5. That's a great sweater, the slit on the back is so elegant, and the colour is so fun!!


  6. I want your shirt!!! gahh.


  7. That sweater is so cool. I love the slit in the back! And the Green Door sounds amazing. It is always nice to find delicious new veggie places. My plate would probably weigh a ton and I would be embarrassed, though. Ha!

  8. i love the romantic feel of your outfit - especially all that jewelry & that yellow cardi.

    i've never heard of a buffet style restaurant like that - the only thing i've seen are the frozen yogurt places like that, which i LOVE!

    hope monday is treating you well!

    - l

  9. your cardi is way cute. I love the little cut out in the back. It adds a nice touch to a seemingly simple sweater.

  10. Love that cardigan! The color is lovely and the back detail is just adorable!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  11. What a cool sweater! This whole outfit is so chic and effortless :)

  12. I love the details to this outfit and the necklace goes so well with the top!

  13. Gorgeous! Really digging your necklace!

  14. Darling outfit! I was just in aritzia today, and seriously....all the colors the lace top comes in had me going crazy. I have one in black but would adore a minty or lilac one too. Too many choices :P btw, wasn't today's heatwave OUT OF CONTROL!? haha :D


  15. Such a gorgeous shirt. I really love how the back of the sweater offers a little sneak peak at the shirt's details. I'm definitely gonna steal a little inspiration from you- love how you're keeping it casual & classy for a nice meal out.


  16. I've never heard of a restaurant concept like that before! I love your yellow sweater and ponytail, adorbz!

  17. Holy crap balls E. I love this and that necklace, you better be glad your far away and my box of stuff is already full your going to send me. Lol

  18. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm your newest follower via bloglovin because I'm a little in love with everything you're wearing in this post. I want to be friends so I can borrow this lace top and cardigan!

  19. lovely look on you esp with the sweater piece! you look beautiful!

    xx heidi
    life full of loves

  20. I love this look! Very cool and downtown for sure. Sounds like a fun restaurant doll!



  21. What a cute look! I love the yellow top layered over the lace one :)

  22. Your outfit is so lovely! I love the combination of the lace with the Steve Madden shoes. Great blog!

  23. Love that necklace, and I've never seen a sweater like that! Too cute!

  24. Where to start, where to start....
    Well, first off, that necklace is AMAZING. Like wow, that is beautiful, what a statement maker!

    Those shoes, ah, those shoes, I love the beading(I think its beading?) is so pretty and I love how high the straps go. And your cardigan is just amazing, love the open back, its so different!

  25. thanks for stopping by my blog, i really appreciated your comment :) I love the effect of the peek of lace in the back of your cardigan and the way you paired it with the statement necklace. Not to mention you are so gorgeous!!


  26. I love this outfit!


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