Hippie Jewelry: A Party Involving Your Arm

Mar 10, 2012

The other day on instagram I came across a jewelry company called Ettika who makes colorful bracelets that can only be described using a certain trademarked (or so I hear) phrase involving the words 'arm' and 'party'. With all sorts of themes, from co-exist jewelry that incorporates different religious symbols to bright neon blinged out stacks, there's a huge variety to choose from. 

Besides the stacks pictured above my favorite (and I'm sure it comes as no surprise!) pieces are the rosary inspired necklaces, and pretty much anything that has that earthy, ethnic feel. They ship worldwide, this could be trouble!

left to right: 1, 2, 3 

11 thoughts:

  1. whoa, I'm obsessed.

  2. Lovelovelove these, I am all about arm parties lately!

  3. I want them all! I've been into a braceles phase and it's so much fun to mix and match; they really take any outfit and kick it up a notch.

  4. Love them! And really? That phrased is trademarked? Who would've thought?


  5. Love the arm candy! I need more bracelets like these for spring!


  6. Oh man! These pieces are beautiful! I need to look into this!

  7. I am so going to do this! Love it.

  8. Those are Goddess-like jewelry pieces, Katherine, especially the one on the right, the golden yellow ones. Ethnic jewelry designs symbolize culture, religion, local industry, or family relationships. Their beauty extends well beyond just their aesthetic property.

  9. ohh its a fantastic blod for jewellery i like that
    Ethnic jewelry


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