Obsession: Kate Moss Style

Jan 30, 2012

Since the early 90s when I first heard of Kate Moss, the ‘Calvin Klein girl’ accredited for accelerating the whole heroine chic look, I’ve paid attention to her career. I found her style inspiring because even when surrounded by other models and celebrities she stood out. Kate Moss always looked fabulous and whatever she wore seemed to convey a laid back vibe. Even with rumpled hair and minimal makeup she always looked pulled together and polished in a disheveled kind of way.
Thanks to Vivane’s vintage reads post I discovered the book Kate Moss: Style, ordered it and am nearly finished. It’s an interesting documentary of Kate Moss' career, how her style has evolved over the years and the people who’ve influenced her. One thing the book has made very clear was that Kate Moss’ style is very much her own. Despite the fact she has access to pretty much anything designer and she's gifted things constantly, she chooses to spend time hunting down vintage treasures and clothes that suit her taste. Unlike many fashionable celebrities she's never used a stylist.
from down to earth modern hippie to glamour boho elegance, Kate Moss can rock anything!

The thing I love about her effortless style is that it's just the right mix of vintage, modern minimalist and rock & roll hippie. She somehow manages to pair classic silhouettes and neutral colours with edgier pieces to create memorable outfits. 
Kate Moss has such a strong individualistic sense of style that she doesn’t feel the need to conform to what everyone else is doing. She starts trends rather than follows them! She is the perfect example of someone who can draw inspiration from the past and make vintage look fresh and modern. Even when wearing designer or high street she always maintains her signature undone glamorous  hippie look.

The Kate Moss: Style book was a great read (though I wish there were more pictures!) and evoked a lot of nostalgia. I’ve rediscovered my love of cK one scent and really want a pair of tall fringed moccasins now :)

10 thoughts:

  1. She's one of those style icons who can wear almost anything & always look great. :> Nice post!

    Thanks for your comment! Have a great week,

    - Indie by Heart

  2. so true, I'm obsessed with her, too and her wardrobe is such an inspiration. that woman has a never failing cool attitude.

  3. So true, she really is the face of a generation and led the way for fellow brits in fashion xxx

  4. found you through the daybook... absolutely loving your style... and I think Kate Moss does hippie chic impeccably


  5. wow i love every picture you posted! amazing.

  6. it's one of my favourite books! very inspiring to look back at all her classic kate looks. one of my favourite things about her is how she holds on to her favourite pieces for ages and recycles them with another outfit. she knows a good thing when she sees it and makes it her own.

  7. I love Kate Moss's style. Looks like a great book with plenty of outfit inspiration!

  8. She is my ultimate style Icon she always looks amazing and really has effortless chic nailed xoxo

  9. kate moss rules the world ! amazing


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