Sir Snags A Lot

Sep 27, 2011

Favourite dress + favourite sweater = favourite combo. Worn Saturday afternoon while shopping. Problem is, both of them are made of silk and they snag on everything. EVERYTHING!!! By the time I got back to the hotel I realized that my boots had been ripping my dress all afternoon. &*@$#! I guess when the holes become obvious and it starts looking like I got my dress out of a dumpster, I'll have it shortened.  

The highlight of my afternoon was eating at my favourite vegetarian/vegan restaurant, Fresh. We cannot go to Toronto without eating there at least once, even if it means we have to get takeout for the car ride home. Even Jay, who is a staunch meatatarian, likes it. It's THAT good! I had every intention of photographing my lunch, but I was starving when it arrived and remembered half way through I wanted to take a picture. That's ok though, I always feel like a bit of a weirdo taking food pictures in the middle of a crowded restaurant! 

Afterwards we headed down to Kensington Market, and although I visited quite a few stores, I left empty handed. Everything was a bit over priced and with the exception a few vintage furs nothing caught my eye. I prefer shopping at 69 Vintage, their store is a bit more curated and easier to shop.

dress B44, boots Town Shoes, sweater T Babton (Aritiza), satchel Material Girl by Madonna

Normal is Weird

Sep 26, 2011

dress Dillema (Aritzia), boots Town Shoes, satchel Material Girl by Madonna, cardi BDG (UO),
scarf Aldo

This is my 'hotel fire alarm went of at 3am and I'm very tired' face. Luckily no fire, just a lot of confused people in the hallways of the Sheraton Hotel. Toronto was a blast as usual and with so many fun things to do, there was little time left for sleep. I managed to get some shopping in, I bought this satchel from Madonna's new line Material Girl. It's really nice and I figure it'll tide me over until I either forget about the Mulberry Alexa or I break down and buy it! 

Friday night Jay and I went to a dinner hosted by the Flying Monkey Brewery; a 5 course sit down meal. It was surprisingly intimate and laid back; 10 guests and 3 people from the Brewery. Jay's really into craft beer and through him I've picked up the basics. I have a broad overview of the whole beer making process, but by no means am I a connoisseur. So when we sat down to dinner and we were sitting beside Peter (owner) and Paul (brew master) I kept thinking "I hope I don't make a fool of myself"!!!! Luckily they were really down to earth people and it was a fun night. There were some really good pairings during the meal and I discovered a new favourite beer, a dark IPA called Netherworld, which is the first dark beer I actually like.

After that event (which lasted close to 4 hours) we headed down to C'est What where we met up with my cousin, who I haven't seen since last Christmas, and his friend. The place was packed and before we knew it, our server was letting us know it was last call!

Style Icons Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Sep 21, 2011

Although I was always was aware of Mary Kate and Ashley's career growing up, it wasn't until they went away to University and the tabloids started trashing them for their 'dumpster chic' look that I sat up and took notice. I remember taking one look at a glossy paparazzi shot of Ashley Olsen in a signature outfit and thinking this... this is fabulous!!!

Throughout the years I have followed the twins style, fascinated with the ever changing, carefully curated but thrown together look that was street, hippie, urban, chic, expensive and cool all at the same time. Despite the fact they tend to wear their clothes looser and often in a disheveled, undone kind of way they always looked put together.

A few things have remained constant throughout their ever changing looks. Both Ashely and Mary Kate always have luxurious bags, footwear and glasses. They wear clothing in proportion to their frame, even when wearing looser, baggier pieces. They might look sloppy to some, but they never look cheap. Although they cover up most of the time, if they do choose to show some skin it's done tastefully. Their clothing is made of quality materials and often has intricate detailing that can't be reproduced by a fast-fashion knock-off. Its the intricate details that are seen in every outfit that makes their style so unique.

Opulence seems to be the theme of their red carpet looks, however the girls style is still unpredictable. I look forward to seeing what they wear to events because I never know what to expect. Sometimes they allude to old Hollywood glamour, their dresses have a vintage feel to them, yet theres always a modern twist. Other times there's a reference to menswear, and sometimes they look completely opposite and mismatched side by side.  

The thing that stands out the most to me is not their signature shoes or the trends they've started but it's their attitude. The Olsen's just don't care what people think of how they dress. At all. They're confident in themselves and how they choose to dress. Their fearless approach to fashion and grow stylistically.

What I've learned from watching Mary Kate and Ashley's style change over the years is that fashion can and should be fun. You're not going to grow if you don't take risks once and awhile. As long as you know what looks flattering on you and go from there you really can't lose. The Olsen twins create an impression on people (people either love their style or hate it, no in between) because they don't dress like everyone else. They stand out, they're confident. They dress how they want to and it works, they're making the world a prettier place, once outfit at a time.

friday I've got travelin on my mind

Sep 19, 2011

Monday morning's never as good as the Fleetwood Mac song is it? The week's just started and I'm already wishing for Friday because I'll be heading to Toronto to catch the end of beer week. My boyfriend's going up today to get a head start on the festivities and to be quite honest as fun as it will be, I'm more excited to check out the Kensington Market that bloggers keep writing about and some of my favourite vintage stores. I'm just itching to get my hands on some more grandma style winter coats, the couple that I have I've worn nearly to death!

poncho H&M, shawl Vintage, cords 7 for all mankind, purse Club Monaco,
shoes Kelsi Dagger, scarf/headband Aldo

Grungemaster Flex

Sep 17, 2011

Ever have one of those weeks that by the time Saturday rolls around you feel like cheering because you get to wake up to sunshine instead of a buzzing alarm clock? That's me right here! Amongst other things that needed to be done this week, I had to buy a new car. It was a long time in coming and I chose a cute little Toyota Matrix, which I love. Hatchbacks make everything easier :)

Today was a laid back day, breakfast in bed, thrifting and catching up on blogs. Getting dressed I had to fight the urge to throw on a plaid flannel shirt, thought the grey sweater looked a bit more put together. Lately, I've been disregarding that rule that says you're not suppose to mix metals. Sometimes you just want to wear everything you like all at once and it works.

L to R; Club Monaco/Club Monaco/F21/F21/Boutique/F21/Market

shirt & skirt Talula (Aritzia), sweater Element, boots Aldo, purse FCUK

As long as there's a view to look to, fence me in and keep me close to you

Sep 7, 2011

Summer is pretty much over, evidenced by the fact it's no longer warm enough to wear '90s rompers without being chilly. I'm infatuated with clothing from back in the day and memories of that awkward era. It's funny flipping through old photo albums and seeing no one give much thought to style; we all wore what everyone else wore (and what was being sold in malls across the country). Now that there's a bit of a '90s revival going on, its interesting to see how the past is interpreted and reinvented by the fashion industry. I love coming across a vintage '90s piece, not only does it make me a bit nostalgic, but it's as if all the clothes were designed with an hour glass figure in mind and thus works for me :)

romper  & purse Vintage, kimono Blu Moon, boots Town Shoes

The First Wilfred Boutique Opens In Toronto!

Sep 6, 2011

Although they carry many well known names like jbrand and Swedish Hasbeens, Aritzia is popular for their house labels that can't be found anywhere else. They tend to use natural fabrics that drape well and thus I find myself returning time and time again to Aritzia for wardrobe updates and quality pieces that will survive more than one washing. The luxe clothing line Wilfred, is one of my favourites because every piece is well made, fashion forward, comfortable and versatile. 

Now, just in time for fall, the Wilfred line will have it's very own store! The Wilfred Boutique is now open in the Toronto Eaton Center and carries Wifred's signature collection of ethereal and feminine pieces as well as Wilfred Free and Le Frou by Wilfred. Guess who'll be stopping by when they're in Toronto at the end of the month?!

So Long Sweet Summer ~ Hipstamatic Adventures

Sep 5, 2011

Whenever I hear a Joel Plaskett song playing it reminds me of singing along to his CDs in the car this past summer, on the way to the Muskoka Beer Festival. Sometimes it’s tricky trying to explain to people how craft beer events are not all about drunken debauchery, how it’s nothing like the cheesy beer commercials on tv. Thanks to big corporations (ahem Molson!) people have this mental image of beer drinkers as frat boy types chugging beer after beer and chasing after girls. The craft beer scene isn’t like that at all!!! Microbreweries put a lot of thought and effort into their products and the results are flavourful beers, none of this I’m-drinking-different-brands-yet-they-all-taste-like-water nonsense.

That whole weekend was full of memories and the beer festival itself was the perfect day. Even though I wore wool shorts and roasted in the sun, I wouldn’t change a thing. I can't wait to go again next year!!!

So long sweet summer, memories of new discoveries, St Ambroise apricot wheat ale, road trips, gross martinis, Fresh takeout, thrift store treasure hunting, laughter, sunshine & swimming, art galleries, practical footwear, family & friends :)

Paperbag Peg Leg

Sep 3, 2011

UO Kimchi Blue Paperbag Trouser, UO My Pet Square Leather Paperbag Pant, ASOS Peg Trouser With Fold Pockets, UO Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan Paperbag Pant

After what seems like decades of seeing nothing but skinny jeans and pants being sold in stores it's really nice to see a variety of 'peg leg' trousers this fall. Baggy yet chic, these pants tend to have a higher rise (usually with pleats), a relaxed fit and are made from many different types of fabrics.

tank & denim shirt UO, pants Wilfred (Aritzia), shoes  Kelsi Dagger

According to the keys to pulling off these pants are;

a) Above the Ankle – The peg leg pant is slightly cropped. The hem on a pair of peg leg pants should stop just above the ankle (with some extra fabric left for rolling; see point d)
b) The Perfect Pleat – Always be on the lookout for pleating around the waistband and crotch; the more pleats, the better!
c) Volume On Top - Peg leg pants by nature carry their volume on top with a slightly dropped crotch. Just be sure not to buy a pair with too droopy or baggy of a crotch.
d) Rolled Up Cuffs – Rolled up cuffs are a must when it comes to tapered trousers. The cuff should be rolled twice in a messy, haphazard fashion – no ironed cuffs here.
e) Taper, Taper, Taper – The advent of the skinny jean means woman are no longer afraid of the word “tapered”! Peg leg or harem pants taper down from the middle to the ankle but they are not tight around the ankle like a skinny jean would be.
f) Heels are your best friend – Although it’s not mandatory to wear high heels with tapered trousers, they will make your legs look longer and slimmer. If you do wear flats, avoid the ballet flat and invest in a flat shoe with a bit more substance like an oxford or a penny loafer (notice the slight menswear influence here).

Wilfred (Aritzia) Draped Harem Pant

Comfortable and versatile, these pants are a great way to mix things up in your wardrobe :)

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