Unique Hippie Style: Madame de Rosa

Oct 29, 2011

Madame de Rosa, one of my favourite boho bloggers, reminds me through her beautiful photos that signature style is all in the details. It's not just the fact that this girl knows how to mix designer pieces with high street, it's that she always adds unique, handmade pieces to her outfit, most of which are from the hippie market Los Dalias. The cut of her clothing is rarely a traditional silhouette and altogether it makes for an original, stylish and modern look. If she ever had a 'shop my closet' I'd definitely buy as much of it as I could!!

15 thoughts:

  1. She looks like you!! I thought it was you for a minute. haha! Definitely going to check out her blog!

  2. Love that bag in the last picture!

  3. I love the bag in the last pic too (it's Gucci) !

    And Gentri haha I never really thought of that! Everytime I visit her blog I totally regret cutting my hair. I used to have waist length hair but it was so heavy and kept getting caught on things I chopped it off. And now regret doing that!!!

  4. I'm obsessed! LOVEEE her hair. And her style. And everything else. I basically wish I was her. <3


  5. i've never heard of her before. i'm going to check out her blog.

  6. really a beautiful and edgy girl with a clear, signature style! thanks for sharing

  7. I've been following her for years. Love very much her personal style.
    Do you like more her style that yours?
    I think you're more moderate, and her is braver. Love both styles, but i would wear more yours than her. Love the simplicity!

    (Sorry for my english, and this comment. I hope i haven't written anything annoying, only want to say good things for both expecifying you're different).

    Could you answer me to know if everything is ok?

    Smiles! ;)

  8. @aisadeca, very well said, I agree! I'd like to eventually become brave with my style :) your English is good!

  9. Guh - isn't she gorgeous? That photo of her in the long Indian skirt makes me want to punch kittens in envy. Not that I WOULD. And the bottom photo? Sick. And. Wrong.


  10. all of these photos are just so fabulous, i can't even stand it. especially that white dress. drooling over it. love!
    xo TJ


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